Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!

Well, friends, another year has passed, and we're going into 2012 now! I just wanted to wish everyone a great 2012!

Just to show the passing of time, check out these photos Pops took of me. I'm not sure why, but he loves taking sleeping photos of me.

Anyway, I also wanted to tell you guys that one of Momma's friends is going to adopt Stocking! So we just have a couple more kittens to find Forever Homes for.

Happy new year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Finding a forever home for the kittens

As you guys know, there's a family of cats living in our yard right now. My Humans have gotten quite attached to them, and it makes me pretty jealous sometimes when they feed the cats and play with them. Don't they know that the cats hiss and snarl at me all the time??? I know they don't have a home and all, but still... Momma is always telling me that we have to look out for less fortunate fur-friends who aren't as lucky as I am. Even if they're cats.

The tense border relations between me and the cats
This Christmas, Momma told Pops the only thing she wanted was to find the kittens a Forever Home of their own. So the other day, Pops went out into the garden to take photos of them so that he can post them up in Facebook, share the pics with the Cat Welfare society, and basically try to find humans to adopt them.

Now we finally have individual photos of the kitties, so we can share them with you too!

This is Medium. She was born in the previous batch,
and is the big sister of the bunch
Batcat is the bravest kittie, and always
the first to approach my Humans
Socks is the most timid, and hides from us all the time
I think you can guess why this one is named Stocking
We've had some luck with potential adopters, so hopefully Momma will get her wish this Christmas, and I'll get my garden back! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm sometimes afraid to go out into the garden because I see them snooping around. Especially during the rainy season, because they're always using our garden as shelter.

This is one of their favorite spots to huddle up
If any of you guys live in Singapore and would like to adopt one (or know someone that might), please contact us! If you're interested, Pops has more photos on Facebook here.

I probably won't be online for the next few days, so Merry Christmas, fellow dog-bloggers! I hope you all get really nice presents!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Margot's visit

I was just reminded of this time a while ago, when Margot the Frenchie was accidentally locked out of her home. She tends to sneak out of the gate and into The Great Outside when her humans aren't looking, so it was bound to happen eventually.

Anyway, she likes to come and play at our place, so she came over for a bit. My Humans tried to ring the doorbell at her place, but nobody was home.

Margot had a tag, but it was pretty scratched up and we couldn't read the phone number so well. Pops had to dial a whole bunch of different numbers until we could finally reach Margot's humans. Please, doggy pals, remind your humans to keep your name tags up to date in case this ever happens to you!

Anyway, I got to hang out and play with Margot in my playpen for a bit, so that was really nice. Even after she left, I kept sniffing the spots on the floor where she was lying on, because I missed her already!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

Well, the tree's up, the presents are appearing under the tree, and my Humans have been busy wrapping presents for the past few days. Yep, Christmas is coming!

I didn't have anything to leave under the tree, so I did the next best thing and left a Golden Offering.

Anyway, for Momma's Christmas gift this year, Pops did something different and donated some money to the SPCA instead. He said that Momma would much rather have the money spent on looking after some dogs without forever homes, rather than getting something for herself.

So I decided to do something similar too. My Humans and I went through all of my old toys and towels, and decided to donate them all to dogs without forever homes. It's the first time I'm giving away something other than Golden Offerings and Poop Nuggets, so it feels quite different for me. I like the feeling though. I didn't like it at first, because I wanted to play with all my old toys again (even though I haven't touched them for a long time), but now I feel good about being so generous.

We are also trying to find forever homes for the kittens that live in our garden. Pops is going to try to take nicer photos of them today.

Happy holidays, doggy pals!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aunt Mainey's back!

The airport has been good to me lately. First, my Momma and Pops got back from their trip to Bali, which was great! And now, Aunt Mainey is back from Australia to play with me!

Well, like the Beagle from down the road always says "The airport taketh, and the airport giveth."

I don't really know why he lisps sometimes. Maybe it's a beagle thing.

And in other news, Aunt Jol passed her driving test! Now maybe she can give me car rides too!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The family of cats that live in our yard

Remember how an Evil Cat gave birth to a bunch of cats in our yard last time? It's been happening again, and now there is a family of five cats living in my garden! And you know what the strange thing is? Momma's encouraging them!


A whole bunch of cats have

moved into my garden!

I mean, why would she want me to share my garden, the garden that I so dearly love to pee on, with cats? And these cats are selfish and mean too... the mother cat hisses at me all the time. I'm actually kinda scared of her too, cos I've seen those sharp claws of hers and she doesn't seem to be afraid of my bark. I don't think my bite matches up with her claws.

Momma kept insisting that the kittens are not as lucky as I am to have a forever home, so she wanted to give them shelter, and even fed them. They'd actually go to the pet store and get special food for the kittens! Has the world gone crazy???

Right now, we've got five cats in our garden:
  1. Momma (cat)
  2. Medium (cat, from the previous litter).
  3. Stocking (kitten)
  4. Batcat (kitten)
  5. Socks (kitten)
This one's name is Stocking

After months of feeding the kittens, Momma had her friend help us trap Medium and Momma, and then they were sent to the vet to be "fixed". I'm not sure what that means, but Pops threatened to have me "fixed" too if I keep peeing where I'm not supposed to.

Now that Medium and Momma are back, they don't seem to be moving away. They're still there, even though Momma doesn't feed them as much anymore. I guess I could try to get used to them and share the garden, but they're pretty pushy and nasty about it. I've seen the kittens go up to play with my Humans, but they still get all hissy when I go near them.

The Momma cat is always around, and she's fierce!

Maybe the Dog Knight should pay them a visit one of these nights...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Humans are back from Bali!

So just to get things up to date, I've spent the last 10 days in misery. Well, it's nice to hang out with my grandparents and all, but they don't pamper me the way my Momma and Pops do. And they definitely don't let me sleep in their bedroom either.

When I smelled my Humans coming through the door, I was so happy that I farted three times in a row! And then pooped twice, but not in row.

It was so wonderful to have them back! I ran around in circles, I pounced on Momma over and over again, and I even occasionally showed my Pops some attention (when Momma insisted). Then they started unpacking, and that's when I noticed something was wrong, and maybe my Humans didn't love me as much as I love them.

Momma... where are my presents?

They didn't buy me anything from Bali.

No snacks, no toys... not anything. I thought maybe that was just a little mistake. But things got worse!

After 10 days away, the first thing my Pops does for me is to take me into the torture chamber and give me a bath! Why would he do that? I've been grooming my doggy smell for the past week, just to be all nice and smelly for them. Sure I had some pee-paw action going on, but that's no big deal, right?

I hiew-hiewed a lot in the shower, and did my best to hide in corners and keep away from my Pops. He got annoyed at my antics, and started telling me how lucky I was to have someone pick out my dingleberries for me, when the dogs in Bali didn't get proper baths and were poor, dirty, and hungry.

Pops says that the dogs in Bali are hungry
and poor, and I should feel very lucky.

So that was that. I didn't get any presents, and I got showered. But not everything is all bad though....

At least I get to sleep on their feet again. I like snuggling up to my Humans when I sleep.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm back!

Wow it's been half a year since I last posted! Pops and I have been pretty preoccupied with other things (at least, that's what he says... I think he's just lazy), so we haven't had the chance to post much. But then the other day I noticed that Salinger was asking about me, so I just hiewed and hiewed until Pops decided to help me blog again!

This is actually a pretty embarrassing picture,
but Momma likes the Lion King

Here's a quick summary of what's happened in the last 6 months:
  1. I get to chill on my Humans' bed all the time now, and not just after my baths.
  2. I haven't gotten any new toys at all, because Momma thinks I have too many as it is.
  3. Turdley Uncle Qian is as turdley as ever. He didn't give me any of his human food.
  4. The Mommy Cat gave birth to ANOTHER set of kittens! Now a family of five cats - Mommy, Medium (from the previous litter), and three kittens (White Leg, Pink Nose, and Black) - have moved into our front yard.
  5. I barked at the Mommy Cat, and she tried to kill me!
  6. Momma and Pops managed to trap Mommy and Medium cats, and brought them to the vet to sterilize them. I don't know what that means, but it sounds scary.
  7. My ears still get stinky and icky all the time.
  8. Knuckles and I still get into fights a lot. 
  9. I missed reading about your adventures a lot!
So yeah, I'll try to keep writing more often! There's going to be another break because my Humans are going on a short holiday, but I will try to sneak a post out or two!
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