Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The cats are breeding!

Last Saturday, I went out with my Humans to visit Aunt Jol, grandmother and Knuckles. Then while I was away, guess what happened?!?

A cat snuck into our garden and squeezed out a baby kitten thing! A cat spawned in my garden!!!

This would never have happened if I was at home protecting my family from evil cats. Oh no... I failed my Humans! How could I?

It's a ginger... which means it 
might be related to the Evil Cat!

Anyway, we weren't around so we didn't know what happened, but grandma and grandpa were around so they saw it. Apparently the baby kitty had a dangly thing that was caught under a garden chair, and so the momma cat couldn't carry it away. Grandma and grandpa had to look after the baby kitty for a while, by feeding it some milk, wrapping it in a blanket, and then of course, freeing it from being stuck to the chair.

The momma cat came back later and took the baby kitty away, no doubt to train it to be sneaky and conspire against dogs and humans. We should've dealt with the problem before the baby kitty could grow into a bigger problem, but my grandparents are just suckers for tiny fluffy things.

I guess I can't go away and visit people without things happening!!! Hiew hiew hiew!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Can't sleep in peace

Once upon a time, I was only allowed up onto my Humans' bed immediately after I come out of my Weekly Torture Ritual in the bathroom, when I'm all nice and clean. But I guess my Humans figured out just how much I love it, and how wonderful it is for them to be able to hug and cuddle me while they watch TV, so I get to go on the bed almost every day now.


The other night, I did what I normally do when I'm all cozy in their bed - I fell asleep. But apparently, it was during The Gilmore Girls, and my Humans thought that this was a TV show I should watch.

Oh so comfy...
Don't bother me now!

Anyway, they started teasing me in my sleep by nudging me with their feet. Yeah I know... like how rude, right??? Hiew hiew hiew!

So yeah... I'll have to pick a different spot to snooze in next time!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twink is well!

I just wanted to drop a quick post to say that our dear little teeny friend Twink is recovering!

 Twink is all better now!

I was shocked when I read that Twinkie had fallen really ill, and today when I saw that she's gotten better, I just had to tell you guys! Wooooot!

Good on you, little girl!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nobody puts Sonic in the corner!

Last night, grandpa invited a whole bunch of his friends over for dinner. Most of them were alright (though they all smelled old), but one of them was this woman who was afraid of dogs! And because of that, I wasn't allowed near them all night long.

 Who would be afraid of little furry me?

At first they put me in my play pen, but I wanted to go out and play with the guests so I barked and whined as any self-respecting dog would. So then not only did they decide they didn't want me sniffing their guests' feet, they didn't want to hear me call out either. So I was put into the kitchen. I was so upset! Momma and Pops were too, so they took turns excusing themselves from the dinner table to keep me company in the kitchen.

This is what I don't understand... this is my home! Why should I be kept in the corner of my own home just because some visitor comes and decides they're afraid of a little super cute dog? Why should they be afraid of me? The Beagle from down the road says it's probably because she had abused or eaten dogs in the past, and she's afraid that I can smell her guilt.

But still... it's my home! Maybe SHE should be kept in the kitchen if she feels safer away from dogs. Hiew hiew hiew!

Anyway, sorry for not writing more often in the past month. I missed you guys lots!
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