Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Video Moment

The other morning, I was really sleepy. And what does my Pops do? He takes an embarrassing video of me trying to stay awake. *yawn!*

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yanni's new friend Jersey

The other day, my Humans went over to my Pops' godma's place, where Yanni lives. And you know what? They had adopted a new dog! Apparently their friend had just too many fur friends in their home, so Pops' godma adopted a friend for Yanni - just a few hours before my Humans went over for dinner.

Meet Jersey!

Yanni is a bit old, and he tends to like to laze around a lot. But the moment Jersey moved in, he's been following her everywhere and being a really gracious host. Apparently he was more active than he'd been in years!

Momma just went nuts over Jersey. Everyone did, in fact. It was great that Jersey was really nice and sweet, and got along really well with everyone. Well, maybe not me, because I haven't been over to visit yet. I hope I can soon though!

Everyone loves Jersey

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend Grooming

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't written in a long while, but my Pops has been hogging the computer for his work, and tends to do that EVERY night. I think Humans really need to get a regular routine going, or else they'll forget important things like letting their dogs blog.

Anyway, on Saturday Uncle Dave visited from Australia (more about that in another post) and then on Sunday, we sent him off to the airport, early in the morning. That meant a really early start to the day for me.

We then picked up Aunt Jol and Knuckles, and we got taken to the groomer! The groomer was late though, so we had to wait in the car for him to open the store. While doing so, Knuckles and I pleaded to be spared from grooming.

That didn't work of course, and we got groomed.

Between the early start, running around with Knuckles, and the stress from grooming, I had a really really good nap on the way back home that day.

Sleeping in my car...

Monday, January 10, 2011

That cat that didn't care

Here's a video we took during Christmas visiting:

I saw a cat, but since it was Christmas, we didn't try to attack one another. We just did our thing, and went our own ways. That's what Christmas is about!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Furniture pets

Recently, some of our relatives moved into a new apartment.

Knuckles and I were among the first visitors, and we were also their very first shelf ornaments!

What else could you want on your shelves?

Honestly, I think we make furniture look good.

Cos we're fluffy... like trees!

On a sidenote, I noticed that Momma always jokes about finding a new Pops for me, but never jokes about getting a new dog. I think that means it's official: Momma loves me more than she loves Pops. Cos he's replaceable, but I'm not!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years and Pops' birthday

When it comes to the end of the year, we celebrate two things at our home: the coming of the new year, and Pops' birthday. My Pops was born on the last day of the year, so Momma always teases him about having only 24 hours to celebrate being a certain age before he has to start counting down to being older again.

This year, he turns about... 500,000 dog years old. Yep, he's a pretty old human.

Can you see me staring down Cousin Tails?

So anyway, that meant that lots of people came over to party, including Turdley Uncle Qian (who didn't give me a Christmas present this year) and Cousin Tails. This year, we didn't really get into any fights, although there was a peeing contest that the humans didn't really enjoy.

The humans ate a lot of food, played Xbox, and made a lot of noise. I tried to beg for scraps, but didn't do very well. I think I have to work on my whining a bit. The Beagle from down the road says I've been getting complase complica compute lazy.

Here you can see me trying to beg for food from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Alex. Uncle Alex is like the biggest human I've ever seen, so his head was accidentally cropped from the photo.

Whine whine whine

Then it was time for cake! This year, Momma went and got Pops the bestest birthday cake he's ever gotten.

Stormtrooper cake!

It was a custom-made Stormtrooper cake! Basically, it was a really sugary and sweet cake - or so I heard. Cos I wasn't allowed to eat any of it. Hiew hiew hiew...

Happy birthday, Pops!

After that, it was more messing around with Cousin Tails, and receiving lots of attention from the humans. I like guests. Guests always pamper the dogs.

Stand-off on the stairs

Look how big my nose is!

Hope you all had a good start to 2011! Happy new year!
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