Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Big Christmas Party

So I just overheard my Humans talking about Christmas, and what they did Christmas evening. You see, after all the excitement from Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning and stuff, I thought it'd be time to kick back and relax, which was what I did at home. But apparently, all of my humans went to a big Christmas party without me! There was lots of food, turkey, games, prizes, and of course... presents!

So many presents!

But the thing is, Knuckles and I weren't there! And Tails was!!!

Tails and his two sisters

Since Knucks and I weren't there,
Tails got all the affection

The party sounded like lots of fun, they had the prettiest cookies and muffins there - which I didn't get to eat. I mean, I don't think I would've been able to eat any had I been there, but still...

Momma and a Snowman Muffin

All in all, it sounded like a really fun party and I totally wanted to go. Hiew hiew hiew!!!

Look at all the happy faces!

And people were even flying with joy!

You can probably figure that I'm a bit upset... and since Santa has already come and gone, well... I threw a hissy fit and left a Golden Offering on the Christmas Tree at home yesterday. I behaved and didn't go near it the whole time it was up, but now I think I deserve to pee on it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Big Day Out

Yesterday was a really nice day! Firstly, my Pops foolishly went to school not realizing that his term break starts this week. After that, he came back and scooped me up into his car for a car ride!

We went all the way over to the East side (but not East enough to visit Knuckles and Tails) and met up with Uncle Aaron's momma, who was delivering some presents for Pops and Momma all the way from Australia. The presents were in really big boxes, and I was so excited about what could be hiding underneath. Maybe it's something I can chew!

After that we headed back out West to visit Uncle Javad. When we got there, Uncle Javad was in the middle of a boss fight in something called World of Warcraft. When Momma does craft, that means she's knitting a scarf or painting some bookmarks. I thought maybe Uncle Javad was sewing a chew toy for me, but he was just at his computer yelling "stack, you morons!" I don't know what that means.

Even though it was a new place for me, I behaved myself and decided not to leave any Golden Offerings in Uncle Javad's room.

But he did take me out for a walk around his front yard, and I got to sniff and smell lots of crazy new things... and then pee-pee on them.

Uncle Javad's place was pretty big, so it was awesome to walk up and down, and pee on so many new things. There was even this garbage bag that smelled so much, I had to pee not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES on it in a row. Remember, doggy friends: there's no such thing as over-kill... only caution! 

Third time's a charm!

Then I did poopy in the grass, and Uncle Javad said I had "dingleberries". Now I have no idea what he meant by that, but my butt sure felt icky. Maybe dingleberries are funny plants in the grass that makes your butt feel icky. The humans quickly got me back inside, where my Pops wiped my butt down with some wet tissues.

After that, we played DJ Hero for a bit in Uncle Javad's room. Uncle Javad didn't have an Xbox though. Instead, he had something that looked like a black and fat DVD player. Oh well...

Now DJ Hero is fun! Most of my Pops' games is played on those controllers that are anything BUT dog-friendly, or on those plastic drum sets and guitars that are just way too big for me. But DJ Hero is something even a dog could play, so I recommend that you guys start barking at your humans and asking them to get you DJ Hero. I hope Santa Paws gets me one next year!

Then it was time to leave, but I suddenly spotted something outside Uncle Javad's room. It was something they called a "Possum Pelt". Now I've never met a Pelt before, but it definitely looked sneaky. After all, it was crouched in hiding on a handrail, keeping all silent and stuff. When something furry is keeping still and quiet, that means it's got something to hide and is up to no good... like a cat!

After the Pelt scare, Pops and I went home and I just snoozed all the way! That was a fun adventure! The Beagle from down the road told me that a really really old human once said: "I came. I sniffed. I peed."

That pretty much sums up my day.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Things have been so crazy around here, and I haven't had time to get onto the computer and blog about it all. But now that things have quietened down, and my Humans have gone back to their normal routines, I can use the computer and blog to you guys.

Godma Des, Momma and me
(Usually, it's Momma that blinks in photo)

Wow, my first Christmas was so awesome! The night before Christmas, we all went over to my iGrandmother's place (she's the only one in the family with an iPhone) and had a big dinner. Lots of people were there. Both sets of my grandparents, Aunt Jol, Cheryl and Gen-Gen, and even Godma Des has come from Australia to visit! There were lots of presents being exchanged, and lots of food. Pops even went into the kitchen to help iGrandmother prepare some pasta (which I didn't get to eat - hiew!). There was also a giant turkey being served around (which I also didn't get to eat - hiew hiew!).

Pops and his turkey

The humans then went and sang - luckily no bug related music this time (unlike Beetles Night). It was pretty loud, and some of the songs didn't make any sense at all. But everyone looked like they were having a pretty good time.

Singing humans

Oh, and I almost forgot: this night was the first time I got to meet Tails! He was pretty rough with me, and kept jumping on me and trying to pick a fight. Everyone was quite surprised, as Knuckles was the really well-behaved between the three of us! But because of me and Tails and a whole lot of Golden Offerings, we got put into the playpen.

The Three Wise Dogs

If you look closely in the picture, you can see the Altar of Snack Conjuration. Knuckles has one at his place too!

The party went till pretty late, and I didn't get to bed till really really late, but I did snooze in the car ride home.

The next morning, my Humans woke me up early to go down to the tree to open presents!

Which ones are mine?

Between Momma, Pops, Aunt Mainey and myself, there was lots of presents under the tree. We took turns opening the presents, and I got so much cool stuff! It was so exciting, and I love Christmas!!!

Why do they hide the presents
under these chewy paper things?

When I opened all my presents, I got a Spongebob cushion, a purple puzzle thing that randomly drops snacks (I haven't quite figured out how to work it yet), a Piglet plushie, lots and lots of snacks, and my favorite:

A Milk Bone!

Christmas is soooo exciting! I can't wait for next year's Christmas. I'm going to go and check out my Bloggy Dog friends' blogs now and see what they all got for Christmas. Merry Christmas again!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Random Photo Moment

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It's gonna be a crazy day today, so I don't think I'll have a chance to post. So I prepared this post in advance in case you guys are checking the blog today. Uncle Qian wanted to give me a Christmas present, and it was kinda funny.

Uncle Qian: Hey Sonic, you like Guitar Hero, right?
Sonic: Yes, I do!
Uncle Qian: Well, how would you like the new Guitar Hero: Van Halen???
Sonic: Oh no! I can't. Momma says chocolate is poisonous to puppies. Besides, what does chocolate have to do with Guitar Hero?
Uncle Qian: That's Van Houten, Sonic! Van Halen is a band!
Sonic: Oh... hiew hiew hiew...

And here's a random photo of me when I was a puppy, singing along in Guitar Hero.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's almost Christmas!

Yesterday, Momma woke up with a tummy ache and didn't feel very well, so Pops and I took her to see the Human Vet. While Momma went inside, Pops and I stayed outside because I wasn't allowed inside.

Waiting for Momma outside the human vet

This got me thinking... when we go to my vet, both humans and pets are welcomed inside. But now that we're at a human vet, how come I'm not allowed to go in? This isn't right at all, isn't it? Maybe there should be a new rule where humans aren't allowed in a pet vet! Fair is fair!!!

Later on, we went to pick up some cupcakes for Christmas, and then it was time to go home for a quick nap. Well, I napped anyway... Momma had presents to wrap and stuff.

After that, it was off to see Melvin the Groomer. Since I'm going to attend some parties soon, Momma wanted me to look my absolute bestest. Melvin was so nice, and he had Christmas presents prepared for us and everything. Then he cut my fur, and wow I look good! I'm looking really good. Not only that, but I smell great too! If I could put my smell into the Internet, I would just so you guys can smell how good I smell.

Look how clean I look!

Christmas is tomorrow! I'm soooo excited! I've already been to one pre-Christmas party, where I got my first present ever!

My first Christmas present! Snacky-poos!

I got to meet my cousins Baby, Alfie and Kenji here too, and I played with Kenji most of the night. Alfie was really clever, and showed off some cool tricks to get some snacks.

Anyway, I'm going to rest up. We're going over to Grandmother's place tonight, where I'll get to see Knuckles and Tails, and hopefully get more presents! It'll be so much fun!

Them Bones

Momma took this photo of me and my milk bone. I love my milk bones! Come to think of it... I've never actually tasted a real bone before. I've got milk bones, I've got those green dental bones, and I've even got a plushie bone... but I've never had an actual bone.

I wonder what they taste like?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello Knuckles

A lot of you guys have mentioned that my brother Knuckles has really big and cute ears, but have you guys noticed that Knuckles can hide his mouth? When he's looking at you with his big puppy eyes, Knuckles almost looks like he has no mouth. My Momma and Pops thinks he's really cute like that, but Aunt Jol insists that Knuckles has a mouth and gets upset at them whenever they say he doesn't.

Anyway, I think he kind of resembles Hello Kitty like that. What do you think? Does Knuckles look like Hello Kitty?

PS Christmas is in two days!!! I'm going crazy with excitement!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Farts are really Poop Bubbles

The other night, my Momma found a dried piece of poop stuck to my poopy hole fur and she had to clean it off. It was really uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when my Pops was taking photos and laughing. But Momma got it out eventually, and I was left to wonder... how did this happen?

Momma's cleaning my poopy hole

The next day, I was talking to my friend the Beagle from down the road, and we saw these two human puppies walking down the street blowing gummy bubbles from their mouths. Suddenly, one of the bubbles popped and made a loud sound. That's when we realized that maybe farts are kinda like poop bubbles!

I mean, think about it. When you need to fart, you have to push air from your tummy out your poopy hole, right? And when you push enough air out, then it pops and makes a sound, just like a gum bubble. If there's not enough air, the fart just deflates and goes back inside in your tummy, with no smell and no sound... just like a gum bubble! But there's no gum in our poopy holes, so our fart bubbles must be made of poop!

The Beagle and I spent about 15 minutes trying to watch each other fart to check if it's true, but we couldn't squeeze out any farts. That's when we learned that a watched dog never farts. Later that day, I farted, but I couldn't see if there was a poop bubble because my legs and tail were in the way. I checked my humans' farts (Pops is a reliable source of farts), but they're always wearing pants so I can't see.

What about you guys? Do you know the truth about poop bubbles?

PS The presents are finally appearing under the tree! I can't wait to see what I got for Christmas!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Beetle Music

Last weekend, a whole bunch of human friends came over to play and sing "Beetles Music". Before you ask me "why would humans want to sing Beetles music?" I'll just say I have no idea... at all! My Pops plays a videogame where he has to find the Golden Fleas, my Momma has a Flea Capsule, and now they sing Beetles Music. Basically, I think my humans like bugs (except ticks). They're weird like that.

Anyway, I've seen my humans and Aunt Mainey play this game before, but this time a whole bunch of them came. It was like a herd of humans! And they just packed into the room and started drumming and playing plastic guitars and singing, and when they weren't playing they were rubbing my belly and showing me lots of affection. It was fun for everyone!

Have you ever seen so many
crazy humans at the same time?

Uncle Qian and Uncle DX
were like BFFs all night

It looked like so much fun, I had to ask my Pops to see if I can try to play the game too. He took me up to the drum set, and tried to teach me how to whack the pads with the sticks. But I wasn't very good at it at all, so I went back to receiving affection from the humans.

I heard the humans saying that they wanted to complete the game within 24 hours so that Momma can win some Achievement Points or something like that. They took about 4-5 hours to do it, but they did. Momma was really really happy about that! It ran past my bedtime, but I had lots of fun, and really just slept in the next morning.

I hope they have more parties like this. It makes my humans feel better, and it's lots of fun. I like getting attention!!!

Momma and her friends singing like Beetles

Sharing the workload

Friday, December 18, 2009

Humans and farts

You know, when my Humans fart (especially my Pops, who farts a lot), I will always do the polite thing and sniff their butt to check out what they have to say.

But when it's my turn to do a smelly-smelly, they'll just gasp for air, laugh at me and then run away! That's so rude!!!

I can fart with all the colors of the wind

PS Sparky the dog's painting auction is expiring soon. If you want to buy a painting by a dog for charity, please head over to Sparky's blog now! While you're there, check out the awesome video of Sparky painting the picture!

Update: Sparky's painting sold for USD71! Congratulations, Sparky!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dogs smell emotions

I know humans have lousy noses and can only smell stuff like flowers and farts (or in Momma's case, farts that smell like flowers), but a dog's nose is special and we can smell emotions. A common human saying tells that dogs can smell fear, but we can smell so much more than that... like joy, excitement, and bacon.

Lately, my Humans have been smelling kinda sad and upset. They try not to show it to me because they don't want me to feel sad too, but I can smell it. I don't know what's wrong, but I hope my Humans feel better soon.

Smiling is good for you,
even if you're taking a bath!

PS Pops' plant Lilith has yet to catch any bugs. The rest of the family is laughing at Pops because they think his plant is silly... but I think it's just because Lilith is still a little plant puppy. When she grows up, she'll be the Doberman of the plant world!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Knuckles vs the Hairdryer

Aunt Jol has put up a funny video of Knuckles struggling against the hairdryer. There's a funny bit where he hides under the towel and all you can see is his nose hahahaha! I can understand though... I really hate that hairdryer too. It's so scary!

Oh, and I also got my Weekly Torture Ritual last night. It was quite humiliating, but at least I smell really good now!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pops' scary new plant

Pops got himself a new plant recently... and it's scary! It's a small plant, but it's got all these scary mouths with big teeth! Pops named it Lilith, and he said that it lures smaller things like bugs in and then crushes them with its jaws. If you see the picture below, it managed to catch a cricket! Luckily the cricket escaped though...

Lilith the bug-eating plant

I'm going to stay far away from it. It's smaller than me, but I think it can still bite my paws or something if I'm not too careful. Actually, maybe it can grow bigger and then trap the Evil Cat or those nasty stalker squirrels!

PS Khyra's eldest sister Kyrye just crossed over the Rainbow Bridge recently. She was 15 and a big beautiful Siberian Husky. Do drop by and offer some kind words.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The sweet new life of Tails

My Humans visited Tails over the weekend, and they were really happy to tell me that Tails is doing a lot better! He's taking some new meds, and he's generally a lot more playful and happy around humans now.

Tails and his new bed

First of all, Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Gen-Gen and their family are just showering Tails with affection and gifts. He's got a new bed to nap in now, which is like way way waaaaay better than the cage he used to be stuck inside all day long. Momma and Pops told me that they saw the cage, and it's smaller than the cage Pops used to have for his pet bird! They didn't take a photo of it, because they said it'd give me nightmares.

Tails was really playful during the visit, and he gets to run all around and play with Aunt Gen-Gen's toys... and Aunt Gen-Gen has LOTS of them! I'm pretty jealous, because while I have a lot of toys of my own, I know I'm not allowed to go near my Humans' toys.

Can you spot Tails?

But one thing is, Tails has a very high-pitched bark. It's not quite as macho as mine. So I think Knuckles and I are going to have to teach him how to bark like a big dog!

Oh, and Aunt Cheryl gave Tails a bow tie to wear on special occasions. Momma thinks it's so cute that she wants to get one for me now. I dunno... my collar is irritating enough... I don't think I'd like a bow tie at all!

Aunt Gen-Gen, Tails and Momma

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tails update

Poor Tails...

Sad news, everyone! We just heard from Aunt Cheryl that Tails isn't taking well to his medicine. Apparently it makes him vomit and stuff! I can sorta understand, because I think medicine tastes really bad too, but it hasn't made me vomit... yet. The poor guy probably hasn't taken any medicine before. I don't think he's even been to the vet before!

I mean, I hate going to the vet and I hate eating medicine too, but I guess it's what humans make you do when they love you a lot. Speaking of icky things humans do when they love you a lot, I'm still getting my ears cleaned by Momma every morning and every night because of my ear infection. I hate it!

I can't stand it when Momma cleans my ears!

Lately I learnt a new trick, where I bury my head between Momma's lap so she can't reach my ears with the pokey sticks. The Beagle from down the road calls it the "ostrich trick". I asked him what an ostrich is, and he said it's like a giraffe with wings. I imagine what GG would look like with wings, and it's really funny! I think it's another one of the Beagle from down the road's imaginary creatures, like merlions (a lion with a fish-tail - as if!), Jawas (giant rats that collect rubbish - like what?) and dalmatians (dogs with polka dots - yeah right!).

Friday, December 11, 2009

My morning routine

I have a pretty regular routine in the mornings. Every morning, I'll wake up at about 6am, and then lounge around for about 10-15 mins till I hear one of two things: my humans waking up, or that beeping thing that wakes my Momma up (but somehow only my Momma, and not my Pops). When I hear this stuff, then I'll start whining for attention (I've learnt that whining before these noises doesn't do anything).

At this point, Momma will wake up and play with me a bit, before getting ready for work. She'll take a shower, do her hair (sometimes with that scary noisy hairdryer thing) and put stuff on her face. I'll hang out in the bathroom with her for a while, and usually I'll drag my toys like GG and Miss Crab in here with me. Sometimes though, they leave their clothes on the floor and I'll snuggle into them and then have a good chew (though Momma hates it when I chew up her dresses).

Around 7-ish, I'll get a bit bored and try to wake Pops up. Pops isn't as easy to wake up as Momma, and I'll have to whine and whine and hiew-hiew for at least 20 minutes before he gets up. Sometimes, if his arms or legs dangle over the bed, I'll go and nibble those and it usually helps.

After Pops wakes up, he'll take me downstairs and out to the garden when I can check if the Evil Cat or the Squirrels are around, and then leave my Golden Offerings to keep them away. Momma then comes down for a quick breakfast, and then comes my favorite part: THE CAR RIDE! Pops drives Momma to the train station every morning, and I get to go along with them. 

I don't have any new pictures of the car ride now, but you can check some old pics here. I love getting wind in my face!

After that, I come home with my Pops and he'll get ready for class, and then when he goes off I can write my morning blog post.

And that's how I start my days. Except a couple of times a week, when my humans don't need to go to work and stuff, and then they sleep in till really late. I hate those days. I like playing in the mornings!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pops' day at home

Yesterday was a good day. Pops had the day off, and he spent the whole day at home with me! He had some work to do, so he was using the computer a lot, but he did manage to spend some time to chill with me. That was awesome.

Me and my friends, WALL-E and EVE

We played tag around the living room, and he took some photos of me sitting on the WALL-E bench. Do you like my friends WALL-E and EVE? My humans received this bench as a wedding present from those nice folks at Disney after they took a wedding photo with a bench like this one... and now it's my turn to take a picture! The robots used to freak me out a little bit at night, but after a while you get used to them and I think they're both really cute now.

My Christmas tree!

As you can see, Grandma and Aunt Mainey have also put up the Christmas tree, and so far I've not left a Golden Offering on it yet (Momma says Santa Paws won't bring me any presents if I do). I love the Christmas tree. It's so sparkly and pretty, and so tall! It's taller than my humans!

I also got extra garden time, and I went around sniffing out the usual bad guys like the Evil Cat and those Stalker Squirrels. Luckily for them, they weren't around so I didn't have to chase any of them.

No squirrels? Good!

We did find something a bit nasty though... it was a dead snake being eaten up by ants! So gross! I mean, it's bad enough that we have snakes in the garden - where did it come from??? I'll have to be extra careful in the garden now... it's kinda freaky.

Nothing grosser than a dead
snake being eaten up by ants

But what's grosser is being eaten up by ants. If I had to die, I really wouldn't want an army of little bugs crawling over my body and eating me up. YUCK!

After that, I watched a DVD with my Pops (I got to snuggle on the bed!) and waited till Momma was done with work. Momma had to work late, so I managed to fit in a nap while waiting for her. My humans have been so busy this week, they haven't even watched the football games they've recorded yet!

PS Grandpa wants to sell or give the bench away, cos he thinks it's silly. Pops is trying to delay selling it... I hope he delays it forever!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Tails the dog

It's Tails the dog!

As I told you guys in the previous post, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen have adopted a new doggy! His name is Tails, and he's a Maltese/something mix. We know he's got Maltese in him for sure, but the something else is something we're not so sure about. It's definitely not Silky, cos Tails doesn't look quite like us.

Tails is a bit shy and anti-social at the moment, because he had a pretty rough childhood. His previous family had another dog that fought with Tails a lot, so they kept Tails cooped up in a little cage all the time and didn't show him much love and attention. In fact, his teeth are so bad that he can't even eat properly, and he's only a year old!

Tails doesn't have our curly head hair

Now Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen have adopted Tails, and they'll definitely look after him the way a dog should be looked after. Already, Knuckles is showing Tails how to behave in a family of loving humans. But if you ask me, Knuckles is NOT the best role model in the world because he's insane!

Knuckles: insanely cute

Anyway, I hope to be able to meet Tails soon, and play with him lots and lots.

Random Video Moment

My humans went to visit Knuckles over the weekend, and they told me that he's been learning to jump pretty high. I couldn't believe it, until I saw this video myself.

Did you guys notice that other dog behind Knuckles? I know you can tell that's not me, but he's the newest addition to our little circle. Momma's cousin Aunt Cheryl has adopted a Maltese named Tails! Isn't it exciting?

I'll introduce him properly once I sort the pictures out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Hats for charity

Did you guys notice all the pretty Christmas hats that Aunt Mainey and the human puppies were wearing in the last post? Well, these little hats are charity hats from The Little Christmas Hat project, which is a project where mommas with no money make these little things by hand and sell them so that they can feed their puppies and buy clothes for them.

If you live in Singapore like us, and happen to see some people selling these hats on Orchard Road, please make sure you buy one for charity! My Momma says that you can find more information here. Share the love!

It doesn't clip to my fur properly,
but I want to steal Momma's anyway!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My trip to town

Bright lights
Check out the bright lights of the city

So like I promised yesterday, here are a bunch of photos of my trip to town. Khyra mentioned that it was weird to see shorts in Christmas, but snow and cold weather are two things I've never seen before in Singapore. Not even during Christmas! It's always hot hot hot and hot over here, and a big furry dog like Khyra (a husky) will MELT here! Good thing there are those freezy cold air boxes all around!

So here we are in Orchard Road, Singapore's busiest shopping area. Aunt Mainey was working the closing shift at her book store, so my Momma and Pops decided to take me to town for a walk and surprise Aunt Mainey. The lights were so pretty! It was like, daytime, except at night. And in the city, the fruits in the trees can glow! That's so awesome. I wonder if I'll glow too if I eat them.

Speaking of trees, there was one mega-huge tree in front of a mall. It was like the size of a hundred St Bernards! That's really massive! And it was covered in sparkly fruits too, though these ones didn't glow.

Sonic and the tree

Big Christmas tree

I also learnt something about a guy called "Santa Paws" who visits all the good little puppies and brings them gifts during Christmas. I hope I get to meet him, because he sounds like a really cool guy. I did meet his friend Rudolph though, who is Santa's favorite reindeer (reindeers are animals that can fly and pull shopping carts). Pops told me before that Rudolph is a guy, but when I met Rudolph he was putting red stuff on his lips, just like what Momma does! Isn't that a girly thing?

Rudolph the cross-dressing reindeer

I got to do lots of other cool stuff too, like watching a band perform music, and sniffing garbage cans in town. Even the garbage in the city smells more exciting than the bins near our home.

Watching a band
Listening to some live music

Smelly garbage
Smells exciting!

Oh, and it was so crowded in the city. You couldn't walk a few steps without bumping into some random human's ankles. I was afraid some of the bigger humans were going to step on me and squish my tail or something! Everyone was rushing around like they were really excited about something. The pretty lights, I guess.

And there were a lot of human puppies too! The human puppies all thought I was really cute, and all of them wanted to pet and hug me. Ah well, I guess I am pretty cute, you know? After that we finally met up with Aunt Mainey, who was pleasantly surprised to see me after a long day at work.

Human puppies 2
Me and a human puppy fan

Human puppies 1

Aunt Mainey

Together with Aunt Mainey, we went to visit some of Momma's favorite shops. I wasn't allowed inside the malls because I'm too cute and I'd cause a human puppy stampede or something, so we could only look at the windows outside.



But what trip to the Great Outside would be complete without some Golden Offering pwnage? The first city-thing I got to pwn was a bush outside a bookstore (but not Aunt Mainey's bookstore). From there I got to pwn a big metal pole with bright lights, and lots of other bushes. I wasn't allowed to pwn any human puppies, bins, or shop windows, unfortunately.

Sonic's first town pwnage
My first town pwnage

Traffic light
The metal pole with the bright lights

More pwnage
One more before I head home!

So that's my big exciting outing! I'm going to find out more about this whole Christmas thing, and I'll let you guys know what I find out.
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