Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner with Knuckles!

Last Wednesday night, my humans took me to Grandmother's place for dinner, so I got to play with Knuckles again.

I got a little bit naughty tonight, because I was just too distracted by all the people and Knuckles that I wasn't interested at all in my dinner. Momma got a bit upset that I wasn't eating, and she and Aunt Jol tried to make me eat by hand-feeding me, sitting with me, and a whole lot of other ways. I was just too distracted to care though.

Someone had an idea to make use sibling rivalry to make me eat, by putting my food in the playpen together with Knuckles so that we'd both fight for the food just because we're brothers and brothers fight over everything. Knuckles had no issue with food, and quickly gobbled up my dinner as I stood by and watched.

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So the plan didn't work that well, and they put Knuckles outside the playpen. He just kept pawing and pawing at the food though. Knuckles is one hungry dog!!! I don't know where all that food goes... I guess he works it off by being so crazy and jumping everywhere all the time.

Knuckles reaching for food

After dinner, Uncle Nicky, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Geneveeve Geneva Genievef Gen-Gen played a card game called "Monopoly Deal" with Pops, Aunt Jol and Aunt Jol's boyfriend Andrew (same name as my Pops! I guess it's a popular name for humans, like how "Lucky" is a popular name for dogs). I don't know what kinda game it is, but it looked pretty boring. Knuckles and I just watched them, and tried to figure out what they were doing.

Watching the humans

They sat around a table and started putting the cards down. Sometimes they'd pick cards up, and sometimes they'd trade cards. It's SO BORING! No wonder my Pops was getting frustrated. I think he wasn't very good at it, because he kept groaning and everyone would laugh at him.

I have a better idea for how to play the game. You can just toss all the cards on the floor, and then Knuckles and I can chew them to shreds! That'd be awesome. I'll call it "Monopoly Chew!" It'll be just like Poker-Chew, Snap-Chew and Uno-Chew, except with different colored chew-cards. I should be a game designer. I think I have great ideas for fun games.

It'd be so much more fun to chew these to shreds!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walkie Walkie

My humans are asleep, so I can sneak in another post on the computer.

My humans took me for a nice walk tonight. Momma had gone jogging earlier, so Pops took me out to meet her in the Great Outside after dinner. Luckily for me, Momma didn't smell like Missy the Westie like she normally does after a jog. When we walked out the front gate, we bumped into our neighbor Dame, a very furry Maltese. I rarely get to meet Dame; usually we just see her barking from her high balcony, like that Rapunzel girl.

We met quite a few friends tonight, like Tess the long-legged wheezy dog, and Cocoa and Chewie, the chihuahua couple. As usual, Cocoa was quite flirty with me, and Chewie got pretty angry about that. I guess Cocoa must've heard about my secret identity as the Dog Knight, and girls dig that stuff. Luckily for Chewie, I'm still wary of cooties so I'm not gonna flirt back with Cocoa. Cooties are gross!

At the bottom of the hill, we got barked at by... yes of course, the Hill-Bottom Twins. Well, at least one of them. I'm not sure what happened to the other one. As much as it makes me jump every time they start barking out of nowhere, I really hope nothing bad has happened to the other one.

When we got home, the new puppy from the house next to us started barking again. Well, not really barking... more like whining. If I thought I was whiney, then this puppy is even worse. The thing is, nobody in my family has ever seen this puppy before, so we don't know what kinda puppy it is. We can hear it, but we can't see it. It's like a fart. So I'm going to nickname him "Small-Fart" until I figure out his real name.

One weird thing did happen during my walk. I found a nice spot to poop, and just when I'm all crouched and ready to go... nothing happened! It's so strange! I walked a couple of steps down and tried again, but it was as if the poop wasn't ready to leave home. I got quite embarrassed when my humans started looking at me funny and giggling, and just walked it off. I hope that doesn't happen again.

A note for the haters

I've been hearing some pretty nasty comments lately from some haters that insist that I'm not writing my own blog. They say hurtful things like "It's just your Pops writing for you," or "Where does your Pops get so much time to write all these posts for you?" Well, I want to say that this is totally untrue! My Pops doesn't write my blog for me. Yeah, he will help proofread my posts and stuff, and he taught me how to use Photoshop, but these words are all mine! I'm a living, thinking dog, and these are my thoughts and opinions!

Here's photo proof of my awesome blogginess, so you haters can sniff my butt.

Blogging Dog

Human keyboards might not be very forgiving of dog paws so I usually mistype a lot of things, but most of the time I can just press F7 for a quick spellcheck to fix the mistakes. Dogs are very smart, you know? We can learn a lot more tricks than just "sit" and "stay", and it was only a matter of time before we figured out the Internet too.

Humans are just lucky that dogs are friendlier and more accepting of humans than the evil cats, otherwise we would use our smarts to take over the world. Instead, we use our cleverness and awesomeness for the greater good, by barking at cats and keeping those sneaky jerks in check. Well, most dogs anyway... those Dobermans have secret plans of their own, and they're plotting to destroy the world with a new super-weapon! Many Bloodhound spies died to bring us this information...

Hmmm... I think I have to do something about this!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Official Golden Shower Tree and more!

Last weekend, Momma and Pops wanted to take me to West Coast Park to run around. However, Pops took a wrong turn on a road somewhere, and we ended up at Kent Ridge Park instead. Still, it's not too bad, because it was really, really high up! We spent ages in the car just winding up and up this big hill, and when we got there the view was soooooo sweet!

I'm on top of the world!

There was also this big tank there. I've marked lots of cars before, but never a tank! I just went over to the tank treads, lifted my leg and peed. It was so awesome! I hope that one of these days, I get to pwn a giant transforming robot or something.

Me and the tank
Pops and me, with the soon-to-be pwned tank

Okay, maybe I wasn't supposed to pee on the tank, but I saw this tree that totally invited me to pee on it. The sign on it said it was a "Cassia Fistula" and that it was also known as a Golden Shower tree. Ah well, gotta do what the sign says, right?

Golden Shower tree
The Golden Shower Tree

But you know what the worst thing about going to a high place is? All those damned stairs! I mean, whoever designed this park was obsessed with stairs! It was like he hated ramps and stuff. Maybe he thinks he's the Stair-Master or something. But anyway, there were a lot of stairs, and after about two flights, Momma and I were pretty tired already.

Stairs 1

Stairs 2

I tell you, climbing the stairs made my humans and me really tired. So we decided to quit, and just stayed at the top of the hill. We found this tree-top walkway, and it was really cool. It was like a bunch of walkways near the tree tops, and you can just walk around. There were a lot of flying bugs though, so Momma ran away. Momma had a bunch of bad experiences with a lot of bugs flying into her face. It's okay though, cos I totally protected her from the bugs with my awesome cuteness.

Momma and Me
Protecting Momma from the flying bugs

So we got ready to go home, as the sun was so hot and I was baking under my fur. On the way back, we saw some human puppies celebrating someone's birthday! Birthday parties look like tons of fun, so I can't wait till next year when I can celebrate my birthday too. Momma has promised me a yummy birthday cake!

Human Puppies

The Fleas are multiplying!

I can't believe it, but Momma's pet fleas are multiplying! I can't really tell, but I overheard Momma saying that her Tamagotchi (it's human-speak for "pet fleas") just had a baby. If three of them aren't bad enough... now they're breeding! I have a bad feeling about this...


And then I also found out that Aunt Jol has these things too! Knuckles is more destructive than I am... I hope he doesn't break open their capsule and release those icky things. I'll have to be very careful next time I visit them.

While Momma and Pops were distracted by the football game, I tried to kill the fleas. But I got scared, and decided to hide in the corner instead... Hiew hiew hiew!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm a celebrity... sort of.

My Momma was sniffing around the Internet, and she found this blog where a guy draws a dog every day. Anyway, just recently he tried to draw Sonic the Dog! Wow! That's like... me!!!

Picture courtesy of Dr Salt

Okay, maybe the whole pooping thing is kinda embarrassing, but I guess he's not all wrong. Cos I err... I left some of the really really smelly stuff for Momma to clean up last night. Not my proudest moment, but my tummy just wasn't feeling well.

Still, I feel like a celebrity, even though I really shouldn't be one. Just like Kevin Federline!

The car is mine now!

I've been riding around in Pops' car long enough that it's starting to smell like me! I remember when I was a really tiny puppy, and I was all scared of car rides, but now I really love it. And it smells like me! Did I mention that the car smells like me? It's just like my crate!

Sleeping car 2

Now when Pops and Momma ride in the car without me, they'll still be able to smell me and miss me.

Next on the agenda: spreading my smell to grandpa's car!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Check out my crib!

Ever wondered what it looks like in my room? Well, here's a little glimpse into the place that I like to hide in when Pops has caught me leaving a Golden Offering on the couch, or when Momma wants to give me a bath.

Sonic and his crib

It doesn't have its own TV or Xbox, but it's snug and smells like home. I don't usually sleep inside it though, cos I find it cozier to go outside with my blanket and towel to snooze. Or better yet, with Miss Crab and Leo the Leopard as my pillows!

Sleeping outside my crib

Ticked off by ticks

This morning, Momma found a couple of ticks on me! That's so gross!

I bet I got them from humping that Westie in class yesterday. I'd better stay away from her from now on. It's so itchy...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No, not the fleas!

I woke up this morning after a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that my Momma neglected the fleas in her Tamagotchi and those nasty things rebelled and broke out of their capsule. Well, two of them did, anyway. And without a new home to go to, they decided to invade my fur and burrow their way into my body. At first it itched a bit, but the feeling went away so I just ignored it.

But then during dinner, while I was munching on my food, I felt a pain in my chest. I rolled over, then suddenly a super flea burst out of my body!!!

That was when I woke up and realized it was just a dream...

Random Video Moment

Remember my Torture Ritual? Remember how at the end my Momma will blast my face with this hot air machine? Well, recently I found it lying on the ground. It must've escaped Momma's control or something. So I bravely tried to attack it and capture it back for Momma, but it was too powerful for me.

But yeah, I was really brave. No seriously, I was!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Yesterday, I swallowed something I shouldn't have. I know I'm not supposed to chew on a lot of things, like the bathroom rug, but it just feels so good and I love it so much! Anyway, I think I must've swallowed a piece of the rug that kept tickling my throat or something, cos suddenly I felt really uncomfortable and started vomitting.

My Puke

I don't know if you guys have vomitted before, but it's the worse feeling in the world. All that gagging, and the slimey stuff shooting out of your mouth... and that yucky after-taste! SO GROSS!!! It's so nasty, and I don't ever want to vomit again!

I was talking to my friend the Beagle from down the road, and he told me that cats vomit all the time... for fun! Yeah, apparently they will lick themselves so that their fur tickles their throats, and then they'll vomit out the furball. What kinda weird species would make themselves vomit?

The Beagle from down the road says it's because they're all stray cats with no homes, and they want to make themselves thin so that a rich soccer player will adopt them. Dogs don't need to be so desperate... humans love us because we have charming personalities!

Dascha the Russian Daschund

One of my favorite squeaky toys is Dascha the Russian Daschund. She's not big or anything, but she's just the right size for me to nibble and chew and toss around. And I love it when my Humans play fetch using Dascha.

However, recently I got a little bit too rough with Dascha and kinda chewed her ear off. My Momma tried to find Dascha's ribbon too, but that went missing so I might've accidentally swallowed it during my berserker barrage. Now Dascha's temprer temperatu retired for a bit while Momma finds some time to patch her up. I kinda miss Dascha already. Maybe more than I used to.

Dascha the Russian Daschund

There's this thing about me... it's like, I find a toy is much cooler if I can't reach it. Like now that Dascha is sitting on Momma's counter top, I want to play with her more than ever! And Pops has this dog on top of his TV too, that I always want to play with just because I can't reach him. This sucks! Momma says that "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" but I have no idea what that means. I guess I'll go and check the bushes in the garden to find out more.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The best music video ever!

I just saw this awesome music video, with a whole bunch of humans pretending to be dogs, and dogs pretending to be humans! That's like a total head trip! You guys have gotta check it out! This is a band called You Scream I Scream and their song, "Dog."

Random Video Moment

Remember I told you guys about the Stalker Squirrel that's always staring at me from outside the window, or following me to the park? Well, I saw them in the garden again last weekend... and here's a surprise twist: there's actually two of them! So that's how they managed to stalk in one place and then another by seemingly teleporting instantly. There's actually two psycho squirrels working together, stalking me and conspiring to do dog-knows-what! I'd better be careful around them... I bet they're working for a higher power, like a Doberman or something.

The Dog Knight

Recently, Aunt Mainey went to Warner Bros Movie World in the Gold Coast, and she bought only one souvenir for us... and it was for me, because she loves me so! We just got the package last night, so Momma and Pops quickly opened it up to see what it was.

Batman costume

It's a little t-shirt with this logo of a bat on it. My Pops said it was the Batman logo, and Batman is this human that dresses up like a bat and then goes out and beats bad guys up. Sounds a bit weird, if you ask me, but apparently humans do that stuff.


I guess Aunt Mainey is helping me defeat the evil forces of the Evil Cat and the Stalker Squirrels. With this new outfit, I'm not just fighting them with brute force and loud barking, but also a symbol to strike fear into their hearts. Woof! Or maybe she's just saying that I have big ears... I'm not sure.

Anyway, as my first order of business, I sat down and watched Some Kind of Wonderful with Momma and Pops. The humans in this movie are dressed really funny... with big shoulders and stuff. Like football players, except without the helmet and tights.

Batdog watching Some Kind of Wonderful

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's with Humans and Fleas?

If it's not bad enough that Momma has decided to adopt some fleas as pets, Pops has been playing this game on his Xbox about a Greek King named Jason and his astronauts (why are they called astronauts if they're not in space?) killing monsters in search of the Golden Fleas. What is this strange human obsession with fleas??? I thought dogs are supposed to be their best friends? Humans are weird!

Garden fun

Now that I'm not so young and fragile anymore, my Humans have been regularly taking me out to the garden for me to run around and leave Golden Offerings on Grandma's plants. While I'm out here, I can also sniff out the Evil Cat's pee, and then pee over it. I'm telling you, that cat sure gets around!

They let me out in the mornings before they head out to work/school, and again when they get back. And after meals too. It's a pretty good routine, and I love it!

The garden is not as big as the park that I went to the other week, but it's got that nice green grass stuff and I can run around and around without slipping and sliding. It's sweet, and it's got this nice breeze and I can stick my face out and get some wind in the face. It's not as nice as the wind I get during my car rides, but it's like a gentler, more relaxing version.

There's also a rocky path that I have to be careful while crossing... those pebbles might hurt my paw if I'm not too careful, I think. It's pretty dangerous looking, but luckily I'm a brave dog and I'm awesome enough to hop from stepping stone to stepping stone. Just to remind this pebbly path who's the boss, I pwned it with some poop.

Uncle Eff

I finally got to meet Uncle Eff last night! Uncle Eff is my Pops' brother... so he's like my Pops' version of Knuckles. Uncle Eff normally lives in Melbourne, which is a city far far away, but last night he came over to visit.

Uncle Eff's hair is really weird, and his dress sense is a bit funny, even for a human. I guess if Uncle Pete and Uncle Dave (the Twins) used to be St Bernards, then Uncle Eff probably used to be a poodle or a schnauzer.

I'm looking forward to playing more with Uncle Eff. Pops says he's a bit crazy, so I wonder if he's anything like Knuckles.

If you want to check out Uncle Eff's weirdness, check out his blog!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Football? More like Dog-ball!

Lately, Momma and Pops have been watching a lot of football on TV. It's this sport where a bunch of humans chase after a ball and then jump on each other. Basically, they're pretending to be dogs... so why is it called football when it should be called dog-ball instead?

Anyway, last night Momma and Pops just watched their favorite teams win in their games. Momma says it's not a big deal for her team (The Patriots) because they win all the time and the quarterback is super-duper handsome, but for Pops it's a huge deal because his team is always the "under-dog team" so to start the season with a 6-0 record is surprising.

Now I understand the concept of the term "under-dog"... I just don't like it. I mean, why should a loser team be called the under-dog team? Do humans think that dogs are losers? I think that's a nasty term that demeans dogs, and we should totally change it. From now on, all loser teams will be known as "under-cat teams".

Like the Detroit Lions. Now there's a loser under-cat team hahahaha! Why would you want to name your team after a big cat? After all, a big cat is still a cat. Well, name your team after a cat and it's no surprise that you've only won one game all season!

Anyway, Pops says that this is the year that the Vikings are going to go all the way. He said that in his Xbox game, his videogame Vikings clashed with the videogame Patriots in the Superbowl, so that's his prediction for this season. What's a "Superbowl"? It sounds pretty awesome though... I think it's going to be this massive bowl filled with all the best dog food and dog treats you could ever want! Like Scooby snacks, ziggies, and scraps of human food that drop off the dinner table.

Momma's new pets

You know, as if I'm not already insecure enough because of the Dog in the Window and all the times that my Humans have come back from their "jogs" smelling like Missy the Westie from next door, now I have a new competitor for my Momma's attention! And this time they're really small!

Last weekend, Momma brought back this tiny little egg-shaped plastic thing called a "tamagotchi", and living inside are three new pets of hers. And she showers them with so much attention. Every time they start making beeping noises, she goes over and starts pressing buttons and stuff, to feed them or play with them.

I have no idea what kinda pets could be so small that they'll fit into such a tiny little container... I asked the Beagle from down the road, and he said that they're probably Fleas or something. Only fleas could fit into such a small home. Fleas!!! What would my Momma want to keep fleas in our home? Is she that upset with my Golden Offerings that she's decided to keep fleas instead?

This is me, versus the new tamagotchi thing.

I thought of attacking and destroying the little flea-egg thing, but that might let the fleas loose to attack my fur... and I don't want that to happen at all. So in the meantime, I guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it. No... I think I'll whine a lot instead. Hiew hiew hieeeew!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Do Dobermans go to heaven?

Momma told me that all dogs go to a place called "Heaven" when they die. Heaven is this super duper place that's supposed to be like the best place ever, and only good humans get to go there. Bad humans go to a place that's like all fiery and horrible called Hell.

But what I don't understand is if good people go Heaven, and all dogs go to Heaven, then what about Dobermans? I can't imagine that Heaven could be that wonderful a place to be if there's a bunch of nasty and evil Dobermans there, right?

Happy wedding anniversary, humans!

Last night was my Momma and Pops' wedding anniversary. That means they've been married for a year now. I haven't even had my first birthday yet. They must be really really old...

In other news, I'm getting my regular car rides to drop Momma off and picking her up from the train station again! Wind in the face rocks!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Half-breeds are the new pure-breeds

After spending time with us for a few days, the Twins Uncle Pete and Uncle Dave have gone off to London now. Before he left, Uncle Pete was taking a lot of photos of me, because his housemates in Australia want to get a dog and he thinks I'm an ideal breed because I'm not too big, very cute and moderately quiet.

I can totally understand, because I'm really cute like that... but it's not going to be easy finding a Silkese like me. Pure-breeds are easy enough to find because I see them in pet shops all the time, but half-breeds don't generally show up at the shops. It makes us unique that way, and way cooler. Even the humans in Momma's fashion magazines are all half-breeds these days.

Well, I hope Uncle Pete can find a dog like me. Well, maybe not just like me, but something like me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growth Chart: 9 months

The Beagle from down the road told me that human puppies keep track of their growth by drawing marks on their closets. I don't have a closet, so I'm going to keep track of how big I'm growing by measuring myself against GG the Giraffe.

3 months old

7 months old

9 months old

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Photo Moment

If Uncle Eff really does want to make my Sonic the Hedgehog outfit for Halloween, I've already got the red shoes to go with!


Back to work for Momma

You know how I said that Momma's been hanging out with me a lot at home for the past few weeks? Well, this morning she woke up early again, and got all dressed up. Then Pops and I sent her off to a new place.

I think she's working again now, which means less time at home with me.

I love my daily car rides to send her to work and all, but I miss my Momma already...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Twins visit

Today, my humans and I went to the airport to pick up Pops' friends who are staying with us for a few days. Humans don't normally look alike, but these two sure did... and they were big! Pops told me that the Twins used to be St. Bernards, but they managed to change into humans. The Beagle from down the road told me that I could change into a human too, and all I have to do is "power-level up to level 80". We're not sure what level 80 means, but that's what he heard his humans say before. Judging from the Twins, it's probably got something to do with weight. I'm only 4 kg though, so I've got a long way to go before I can level up too.

I dunno... I'm not sure if I want to be human. It doesn't sound like all it's cracked out to be. I mean, you have to go to work, you have to wear funny clothes when you go out, and it seems like you have to go into that Bathroom Torture Chamber on a daily basis. I think I'd rather stay as a dog, so I can sleep all day and just receive a whole bunch of affection.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tooky makes a run for it!

I think Tooky the Turtle is getting jealous that I get taken for walks all the time and get to meet other dogs and stuff. This morning, I caught him trying to climb out of his home! What a brave little turtle! If I was his size, I'd probably just sit and hide somewhere all day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Farts McSmelly

Usually, when my Pops farts in the bedroom, he likes to frame me by saying "Sonic!" accusingly. Momma never believes him though, but he still tries cos he thinks it's funny.

Today in the car, I actually let out a really smelly one, and Momma immediately blamed Pops! Hahahahah! Suckers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My trip to the Botanic Gardens

Today, Aunt Jol came over to visit after lunch. She had some exam or something, which she passed, so that's pretty cool. We played a bit, and I got a little bit too rough and messed up her hair. But what's really awesome is that my humans decided to take me out to the Botanic Gardens, which is this mega huge park where I can run all around and stuff.

It's like chewing on stringy bathroom mats.

So we all got into the car together, and took off to the park. I usually ride in the front with Momma, but today I got to sit with Aunt Jol in the back seat. It's roomier in the back seat, and I have more space to shift and move around... but I guess it's not really as comforting as snuggling up to Momma... although she did look a bit glad to have more space to herself.


When we parked the car, I was so excited and couldn't wait any longer, so I peed on the nearest pillar. They took me into the big grassy field, and I ran around and around and around. I also saw a squirrel in a tree. I swear I've seen that squirrel before! Sometimes when I'm sitting around at home, I can see him staring at me through the window. When I look around at him, he scurries away. Omigod... it's a Stalker Squirrel!

The Stalker Squirrel!

You know what's the main difference between running in the park and running at home? The ground! When I run at home, the floor is all slippery and smooth, so I always end up sliding around and I can't excellerate accelerate much at all. But in the park, I can really kick it into hyper speed and just zoom all over! It's so awesome, I peed into a flower while thinking about it on the way to the field.

There were a bunch of other people there too, including a bunch of little human puppies on some sorta school trip. They were all wearing uniforms that made them all look the same... you know, like poodles and their ridiculous fur. A couple of them came up to me, but they smelled funny and I ran away from them.

Speaking of running, I'm like so totally fast. Like, really fast. Faster than a chihuahua falling out of a handbag. My Pops and Aunt Jol tried to keep up with me while I was running around, but they couldn't catch up with me at all.

After a while though, I must've run through a patch of ants or something, because those little bugs started crawling around in my paws and my fur. It was really really irritating! I tried to bite them off, but those tiny little jerks were really good at hiding in all the hard to reach places. Luckily, Momma and Aunt Jol noticed how uncomfortable I was, so they helped me pick out all those nasty ants. Honestly... you can't trust anything with more than four legs.

Momma and Aunt Jol gets rid of those nasty ants.

After the whole ant thing, Momma didn't want me running around so much anymore, just in case my fur gets invaded by bugs again. So they started lazing around on the picnic blanket to soak up the fresh air... leaving me with nothing to do! I wanted to go running around again, but Momma just wanted me to snuggle with her and chill. So I followed my puppy instincts and sulked in the corner.

Big dogs don't cry. They just sulk.

No seriously... what?

After sulking for a while, I finally relented and went over to play with Momma and Aunt Jol. But I think that sitting under the sun kinda fried their brains a bit, because they went really nuts. They were just acting really weird, and snapping photos of themselves doing weird poses and laughing like crazy people. I tried to get away, but I got swooped up by their craziness.

Help! My humans have gone crazy!

At the end of the day, we packed up and went home. This post is getting insanely long, so I'll just dump the other photos after the jump.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plushies for Puppies

We have new toys! Tonight, Momma and Pops went out for dinner with their friends, then they surprised me with a new toy! It's a soft cuddly version of the superhero hedgehog that I'm named after, and the echidna that Knuckles is named after. I don't even know what an echidna is, but Pops says its a marsh pupil or something like that. Whatever it is, it's red.

I love my new toy! Momma says that Halloween is coming up soon, so we're going to get my Uncle Eff to make me a Sonic costume to wear! I hope he actually makes one for me, cos I wanna look just like my hero!

Knuckles the dog and Knuckles the Echidna

Wind in your face

Car Rides. Car rides are fuuuuuuuun! There's nothing I like better than to go cruising along in my Pops' car, with my head sticking out the window, just enjoying the ride. If it's something I've noticed about the humans in my town, they don't really like to put their heads out the window. They prefer to put the windows up and hide inside with all the airconditioning. I guess it's pretty hot and humid out there, but still. There's a beagle song that the Beagle from down the road taught me about car rides.

Have you ever felt the wind upon your furry face?
Or watched the humans stare at you and grin?
Can you howl with all the voices of the mountains?
Can you fart with all the flavors of the wind?
I can fart with all the flavors of the wind!

I love that wind in my face!

I usually ride in the car in the mornings when Pops sends Momma to the train station, and then again in the evening when Pops picks Momma up from the station. Once a week I get to go further out to pick Knuckles up and go to school with him. I get really excited when I can see Knucks. My humans don't understand why I get so jumpy and excited when we get near his home, because they think that a puppy can't read street signs or street directories. But it's the smell! I recognize the smell!

There's usually two ways I ride in the car. Usually Momma's in the car, so she'll wind down the window and let me stick my face out while she holds me. This is where things get a bit confusing sometimes. Momma likes to say that she'll always look after me and support me and stuff, but when I step on her to get a better view of the outside, she complains that I scratch her up and that I'm heavy. Bah! Humans... all talk.

Nap time!

When Momma's not in the car, it probably means that it's just Pops and me. I'm not big enough to look out the window by myself yet, and Pops is always too busy spinning that big wheel. So this normally means nap time for me. I'll just shift around the seat and try to get comfortable, and sometimes Pops will stroke my head and back when we're stopped at the Funny Colored Lights. It's so comfortable, one time I fell asleep on his hand!

My makeshift pillow

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Staying home with Momma

For the last few weeks, Momma's been able to stay at home a lot to play with me. I LOVE IT! Normally, she has to go to work in the morning, and then only play with me when Pops and I pick her up from the train station in the evening, but this routine has changed lately. It's great!

We get to chill at home, watch TV, practice my new tricks (I know how to stand by her side and run around her now!) and nap! Not only that, but she's been taking me out for walks almost every day. It's so awesome!

Lemme take you through an average walk. First, we head out to the gate, and Momma makes me sit and wait patiently first (I'm not allowed to run outside without permission). Then when I behave myself, she opens the little gate and I can go outside.

Waiting for Momma to open the gate.

The start of a new adventure!

Usually we go for a little round, but since I've started going on regular walks I've been getting stronger so we can walk further around the block. I get to sniff stuff, meet other dogs (there are so many dogs in this neighborhood... including this big dog named Parker that's ten times my weight!). My favorite part is when I sniff some messages and notes that other dogs leave in the grass and trees, and then if I'm well-behaved, Momma will let me leave a reply. It's like emailing, except liquid!

Walking around the Great Outside is such an exciting time. I get to feel the wind in my face, breathe in the fresh air, and I get to poop anywhere I want! I mean, if I see a patch of grass that I don't like, I can just hop onto it and leave a few hot nuggets, or when I have more time, I can even squeeze out a hot sausage. I feel so libral libeara liberat free to do anything!

There's one big problem with walking though: the big hill at the end of the journey. Because our home is near the top of a hill, the end of a walk usually involves going up that big hill. And if Momma thinks that its tough for her long legs to climb that hill... imagine what it takes for my little legs to climb it!

The view from the bottom of the hill

But I still love my walks though. I hope Momma will keep taking me out everyday. I love my Momma soooooo much!

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