Monday, November 22, 2010

I finally get my treats, and they are awesome!

So, about a week after Pops promised to give me a big fat treat, he finally delivers on his promise!!! He came back after work with Momma, carrying bags of treats! Check them out!

So much food!

There were donuts, quiches, cookies, muffins... and even four lamb meatballs! Wow that was a lot of food! I couldn't believe my eyes, and Momma laid them out all nicely for me to see. I was just drooling and drooling!

Big smiles from everyone

I finally figured out why I'm getting such a big treat. I heard that Pops got a new job at the Star Wars place, and he thinks that part of the reason is because his new boss saw my blog and thought I'm a really cute dog!

I hope Pops gets a new job every week!

Nom nom nom!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I saw an Uffo!

Hmmm... something really strange happened the other day. I saw this little red dot appear out of nowhere. I chased after it, but it was so fast! I mean, it just zoomed around like, even faster than a Sibe!

And you know what the funny thing was? It had no smell. Yeah, it's so strange, right? Cos everything is supposed to have a smell! But this red dot didn't, and it spooked me out.

I asked the Beagle from down the road if he knew what it was, and he said it was an "Uffo". Apparently, some humans have come across Uffos that fly around faster than their jets, and they always look like bright lights. These Uffos will sometimes come out of the sky to kidnap humans and stick metal things into their poopy-holes!

I didn't want some sneaky red Uffo taking my humans away, so I did what any dog would do to ward off creepy things: I left Golden Offerings around my Humans' bed.

But they weren't grateful at all... hiew hiew hiew...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bed attack

I love burrowing in my Humans' bed. It makes me feel like a super dog, just burrowing under the surface and ready to pop out and pounce on someone!

I know it sounds silly, but I just get so excited because I don't get to climb onto their bed all that much. I can't jump onto it by myself, and I don't have my own set of stairs like Lorenza does. So anytime I get up there, I enjoy myself as much as I can!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still no treat

The very next day that Pops was supposed to get me a nice big treat, I still didn't get anything. He told me that he did drive all the way to the doggy bakery (which is a bakery for dogs, not a place that bakes dogs) after work but it was closed.

The Beagle from down the road told me something once, and it goes: "Excuses are like poopy-holes - everyone has one!"

So no, Pops! I'm not satisfied with your excuses!

In the meantime, I'm going to refuse to eat my breakfast.

These aren't the treats I'm looking for

As Randy Moss says: "I'll eat when I want to eat!"

Friday, November 12, 2010

What kinda reward is this???

Last week, Pops came home all nervous and excited at the same time. He said that something unexpected happened, and that if everything goes well, he promised to buy me the biggest treat I've ever seen.

Then yesterday, he comes back and apparently things went well. But did I get a reward? NO! Instead, this becomes my reward:

What the???

I guess someone must have forgotten to tell my Pops that rewards are supposed to be things that I enjoy! And I definitely DO NOT ENJOY BATHS!!!

Hiew hiew hiew...

He wet me, he sprayed me, and he put those funny bubbles in my fur. When I came out of the Torture Chamber, I quickly jumped into my towel and tried to dry myself off.

And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, Pops blasted me with the hot air gun. I hate that thing, especially when it gets me in the face!

One good thing though, is that after this I was allowed to jump on their bed because I was nice and clean! I love burrowing in their blanket!

Okay, Pops. You're forgiven for not buying me the promised treat. But I'll expect to see it tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend update

Last weekend, I got a bit of a surprise - Pops took me out for a car ride in the Great Outside! We went to pick Momma and Aunt Jol up from town, and then we went to drop Aunt Jol at home. Normally, that's more or less the end of my time in the Great Outside, but this night I got more!

We drove further to pick Turdley Uncle Qian up from his place, and then we went back to Happy Daze! We haven't been back here since Uncle Qian bought me dinner a few months ago, and yeah... it wasn't as spectacular as I remembered. Both the human and the dog food served there wasn't all that nice, and the waitress snubbed us a lot. She must be part poodle.

Although I was allowed to sit at the table,
I chose to sit underneath it.

They ran out of beef meatballs (it seems like they're always out of meatballs!) so Momma ordered a banana muffin for me. It wasn't very appetizing at all.

Here's half of the muffin, cos I couldn't really finish it.

But the night wasn't all bad! Aside from the cafe, I also got to visit a pet store, where I flashed Momma a really cute smile and she couldn't help but buy me a new bed to replace my old brown one. The new one is Sonic blue in color!

Then I also got to visit the video store because the human behind the counter was kind enough to let me in. I wanted to take photos to remember this special occasion, but Pops was too busy checking out the DVDs with Uncle Qian.

Humans... so easily distracted!

Then after that, it was time to go home, where Miss Crab and I made full use of my new bed!

You're both mine now!
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