Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Photo Moment

Humans have to learn to be more like us dogs. We lead a good life!

Tucked in my comfy blanky

Eat and sleep

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new retort!

The Beagle from down the road taught me a new word recently, and it's pawesome! The word is "define", and you can use it whenever you want to talk back to your humans. Here's some examples:

Momma: Sonic, have you been naughty again?
Sonic: Define "naughty"...

Pops: No, Sonic. This custard puff is human food.
Sonic: Define "human food"...

It's so cool! I don't even know what it means, but it annoys my Humans a lot, and it sometimes annoys them so much that they forget about whatever it is they were upset about.

Define "it's time to wake up now"...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pops is back from the Green Place

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but that's cos my usual proof-reader has been away. For the past week, Pops had to wear his green stuff and join the other green men in the green place. There was a lot of green going on.

Sniffing Pops' green cap. It stinks, but I like it!

He says he has to do this once a year, but it's all done now and he's back to help me post my blog stuff!

While Pops was away, I got to spend lots of time with Momma. She'd watch TV, read books with me... it was really good fun! Now that Pops is back, they both decided to take me to the groomer because my fur is getting pretty out of control. 

And what kind of fur-cut did I get? Something short, just like Pops' new haircut! I'd wear something green too, but you guys already know that I hate wearing clothes.

Atten-hut! Human on deck!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Original Only Friend Award!

My Aunt Mainey has a friend that we call "the Oof". Why is she called the Oof? I'll tell you a little story and you'll know why.

A long time ago, Aunt Mainey would only ever invite this one friend over to our place. So anytime my Momma and Pops would meet one of Aunt Mainey's friends, it would be her. After seeing only this friend for a long time, Momma and Pops decided to jokingly call her "the Only Friend." But as time went by, my Humans met more and more of Aunt Mainey's friends, so "Only Friend" became "Friend #1", as you could still count the amount of friends Aunt Mainey had on one paw.

Aunt Mainey and the Oof

Aunt Mainey swears that she has more friends than we know about, but Ostrich wisdom says that if you can't see them, they're not there.

Well, now Aunt Mainey has introduced us to a lot of her friends, so "Friend #1" is no longer a special enough title. That's when they decided to give her a new title, and that's how she became the Original Only Friend, or the Oof.

I remember when I started this blog, it was pretty lonely, and the only comments for over a month were from my Aunt Mainey and Aunt Jol. My Momma entered me into the DWB site, then after a while a pretty Mexican dachshund started to visit my blog regularly. Soon after that, a bunch of other dog-bloggers became my friends too, and I started getting more comments!

So in honor of the Oof, I decided to make an award to let these pawsome dogs know how special they are!

The Oof Award goes to the following dogs:

The Musketeers
Martha and Bailey
Maggie and Mitch

I've since made a lot of other really special friends, and you're all really pawsome too... but I felt that I should do something extra for these dogs. Thanks to everyone out there for being my friends!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Fools!

Recently, the Beagle from down the road told me about this pawsome event called "April Fools". Basically, for the entire month of April, you can make fools out of your humans! I was really excited, so I went and peed on my Pops' shoes, I peed on Momma's leg, and then I did poopy in Aunt Mainey's room. And these weren't the little marking pees like when Momma sprays her perfume... these were the nice long "lift your leg for a good 10 seconds" pees!

Of course, my Humans were really really upset with me. I didn't know why, of course, since it's April Fools and I'm allowed to. Besides, it's Pops' job to clean up after me. He should be happy that I've given him things to do!


Then I found out from Tooky the Wise Turtle that April Fools doesn't work like that. In fact, it's only the first day of April and not the whole month. So that's why my Humans are so upset. Oops!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast variety

Boring kibble

I want to complain about something. I don't understand how come my Humans can have different types of breakfasts everyday when all I get is kibble. I've seen them eat corn flakes, eggs, buns, bread, lots of things... but every single day, without fail, I would only get kibble.

What are my Humans thinking? Just because I'm a dog, I don't like variety? That's not true! I like different things and experiences!

Maybe it's got to do with the whole clothes thing. Like, they think just because they wear different clothes everyday, and I don't like wearing new clothes and collars, it means they're into variety and I'm not. Well that's not true! I don't like wearing clothes not because I don't like different looks, but because I'm a nudey dog! I'd rather wear nothing but fur!

Monday, April 5, 2010

BC Attack

Yesterday at class, my brother Knuckles got a little bit too irritating with a big Border Collie, and the BC just snapped and bullied Knuckles. Poor Knuckles got a shock, but nobody was more freaked out than Aunt Jol. Luckily, the BC's human was there to break up the fight and Knuckles didn't get injured much at all, but the two of us were definitely quite spooked and edgy after that. We just went back to Grandmother's place and hid quietly for a bit.

Nope, no Border Collies outside Grandmother's place

This morning, I'm still feeling a bit antsy. I was a bit afraid of going out into the Great Outside, even if it was just the garden. I was also so nervous, I did wet poopy.

I think I'd better not mess around with the big dogs for a while.

Gotta keep looking over my shoulder, just to be sure
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