Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Pops is turning into a Beagle!

Remember how my Humans went away without me last weekend? Well, Pops came back all red and stuff, and then something strange started happening. His skin kept peeling off, and then when he took his shirt off I could see that his back was all patchy with different colored bits here and there.

I've only seen this pattern once before, and that's on my friend the Beagle from down the road! Does this mean my Pops is turning into a beagle? That's so weird!

I'd show you pictures, but it's really gross. Like, cat-piss smell gross.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two visits to the Vet

Over the weekend, our Humans took my brother Knuckles and I to the scary place where the vet is. Apparently, it was time for our vexy vacksi, well it was time for our shots. That means the creepy vet lady had to stick sharp pokey bits into us!

Help us! We don't want to be jabbed with pokey things!

When we went inside, Knuckles threw a tantrum on the vet's table, but that didn't stop the vet lady from taking two pokey sticks and then shoving those things into us. It hurt, but we didn't struggle too much because we were too scared!!!

Knuckles tried to show them who's
the Alpha, but he failed.


The evil pokey sticks

It's alright, we're okay!

It wasn't too painful in the end, and we got out okay. After that, we went back to Grandmother's place to hang out a bit.

The very next day, it was Momma's turn to see the human-vet. Momma wasn't feeling so well in the morning, so Pops and I took her there instead of her work. I wasn't allowed in the human-vet place (I still don't get why humans can visit a dog-vet but dogs can't visit a human-vet), so I just stood outside and waited with Pops.

It's not fair! Why can't I go into the human-vet place?

After that, Momma got to spend the day at home with me! So I snuggled up to her foot all day! That was awesome!

I love Momma's foot-pillow!

PS Sorry for not updating much lately. Pops has been hogging the computer to do something called "rendering". When he's done, he promised that I can show you guys what he's doing though!

PPS Thanks for all the support you guys gave me after my weekend abandonment last week! I'll be sure to think about you guys if it ever happens again, especially Salinger's suggestion to make long distance calls!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I was an abandoned puppy this weekend

Last weekend, the unthinkable happened: I was abandoned by my Humans! Both Momma and Pops went away on a trip without me and didn't come back for two days! I mean, Pops was away doing that Green-place thing, and Momma was over in Sandy Eggo for a while, but they have never both gone off at the same time!

It was really distressing, and I felt so sad! I mean, childhood abandonment issues can really stick with a dog for the rest of his life, you know? I hope I can get over this.

I'm an abandoned puppy... boo-hoo!

While they were away, the weather was pretty nasty. There were lots of bright flashes in the sky, and there would be loud noises, like Pops' tummy in the mornings except a lot louder. But that stuff doesn't bother me at all. Grandma came to check on me, thinking I would be skeered, but I wasn't! I'm a big brave dog!

When my Humans got back from their holiday, they at least took me to go see Knuckles and play with him. It's not enough to win back all my love, but it's a start. 

EDIT: Pops insisted that I mention that we live with my grandparents, so it wasn't like I was totally left home alone. Sorry if I gave anyone that impression!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Walkie to the gas station!

The other night, grandma and grandpa wanted to go for a walk, so my Humans took me out with them. We walked to a strange and distant place called the Gas Station, because Momma needed to use this machine there to pay her bills.

Yuck! These cars fart a lot!

I don't know what the Gas Station does, but judging from the name and the amount of cars there, I'm guessing that's where cars go to fart. I'm pretty sure that's what it is, because it sure was stinky over there. It was a pretty nice walk, longer than I'm used to, but I got too curious a few times and tried to sniff at the road when one of those cars drove by just inches from my nose. Momma and Pops were both really upset with me, and they held my leash even tighter after that.

Oh! And another thing: remember that Hole in the Gate that leads to the Great Outside? Well, I managed to sneak out a few times too many, and Pops got really really upset. Now I have to wear my collar ALL THE TIME! It's kinda itchy, but I guess I'm used to it now. Oh well...

I have to wear my collar even when
I'm chilling out at home now...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yanni the big happy dog

Last Sunday, my Humans went to my Pops' godmother's place for dinner, and played with their dog, a big happy guy named Yanni. I don't know if you guys remember him, but we gave him a couple of bones for Christmas and he wagged his tail a lot.

Yanni has a big smile!

Well apparently Yanni really likes wagging his tail, because here's another video of him wagging away while Momma scratches his belly. He's also got droopy face! And if you watch the video till he lies sideways, you'll see his droopy cheeks swinging freely! Hahahahah! It's so funny!

Anyway, here's the vid!

By the way, thanks so much to everyone that's given us tips and support to help my Pops transfer these photos out from his phone, especially Dennis and Twink. As for the Thundering Herd and the OP Pack, my Pops says it must be a Sibe thing to use iMacs.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stupid iPhone!

Pops wanted to post up some pictures they took of Yani the big Goldie they played with on the weekend, but the computer doesn't want to detect his iPhone!

iTunes detects the phone okay, but Windows won't so Pops can't transfer the pictures. Anyone know how to help?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Picture Moment

Hi all! Just a quick post because my Pops has been hogging the computer to work on his animation demo-reel again. Here are some quick pics from a trip to East Coast Park a couple of weekends ago!

Knuckles drove us to the park

Pwning the lamp post

Moments later, this naughty stranger pwned Aunt Jol's foot

I don't know why Momma is so interested...
it's just a guy zooming on water...

Seriously, guys... dogs are more interesting than water sports

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm big enough to go out by myself!

You know, I'm just not a puppy anymore. I've already celebrated a bark-day, and I've been out on enough walks so that I know my way around. I think it's time that my Humans allowed me to go out by myself.

The hole that leads outside

I don't know if you guys remember, but there are some little Holes in our gate that leads to the Great Outside. I used to just poke my head out and look out (hoping to see or sniff Missy, the Westie across the road), but now I've realized that I can use this Hole as my own little mini-door to go in and out.

Missy's home, when viewed from the Hole

The Beagle from down the road says it's ironic that as I grew bigger, instead of being too big to squeeze out the Hole I am now more empowered to go out the hole. I'm not sure exactly what the Beagle from down the road meant because he uses big words that confuse me, but he said that basically as long as something is ironic, then it's meant to be.

My Humans don't agree though, because they freaked out the first time I slipped through the Hole. In fact, they ran out, grabbed me and carried me back home. Momma was exceptionally mad at me. But why? I'm supposed to be able to use the Hole! Irony says I should!

After a few more escape attempts, Pops put up some little metal things to stop me from getting out. They're like string, but metal. What is this? Am I a prisoner in my own home??? That's not fair!

I still get to go out for walkies, but only under Human snoopervision, and with my leash on. I think it's highly unfair! I'm a big dog now! The Beagle from down the road gets to come and go as he pleases! Hiew hiew hiew!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Knuckles and the door

Yesterday, my Humans went over to Grandmother's place for lunch (without me, because Grandmother was expecting other relatives and didn't want Knuckles and I to fight and pee on each other's territory). Apparently, Aunt Jol was out pretty late last night, so she slept in quite a bit. Grandmother had taken photos of my brother Knuckles throughout the morning, as he patiently waited for Aunt Jol to wake up.

This sounds like rubbish to me, of course... because Knuckles is anything but a patient dog!


Sniffing at the door...

Quick nap near the door...

Still waiting...

Scratching at the door...

Getting a bit impatient...
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