Monday, November 30, 2009

Someone recognized me!

Yesterday at doggy obedience class (where I was very well-behaved and attentive - Momma was so pleased!) my Pops was watching from the non-teaching humans' corner. There, he was with another dog's Pops, and apparently this other human recognized me from my blog! Apparently, they both hang out on the Singapore Xbox forums, and he saw the pictures of me that my Pops put up.

I'm so happy! This makes up for that nasty man in that black car that refused to look at me, no matter how cute I looked poking out of the car window. My Pops told me that people who don't like dogs are generally not very nice people. In fact, they probably used to torture dogs while they were kids, cheat on their wives or listen to Linkin Park CDs. That guy in the car was probably a wife and puppy beater. He had that kinda smell.


Oh, and today I saw Wheezy Tess walking with the Hill-Bottom Twins. I guess big dogs like to stick together. 

The Dog Knight destroys the Doberman base

Hey guys!

Wow I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to post for the last few days - we forgot to charge my Momma's Internet Tablet while we were on our adventure and it ran out of batteries.

Anyway, the Beagle from down the road and I waited all weekend to find out more about the Dobermans' secret plans to enslave our humans, and then we finally found out what it was. The Dobermans have found some ancient super-Doberman known as the "Doberman Pharaoh". We're not sure what it was, but it sounds pretty scary! The Doberman Pharaoh was dug up from an ancient burial site, and the Dobermans were using some sort of machine to bring it back to life. We couldn't really see the Doberman Pharaoh because it was still inside a coffin, but the size of the coffin was huge! Like bigger than both the Hill-Bottom Twins combined, and almost the size of Pops' car! So that means the Doberman Pharaoh must be pretty huge too!

So we had to stop them before they unleashed that monster, and the Beagle and I hatched a plan to stop the Doberman Pharaoh from being brought back to life. Since we're dogs (two ears and a nose = dog!) we didn't really have much experiences with machines, but I remember I chewed on my Momma's laptop cable once and that caused her laptop to stop working (and for me to be sent to my room). So we figured that if we could find the power cable for the machine, then I could chew it up and then kill the machine. Good plan, right? But how will we get past all the Dobermans? As brave as we are, we still weren't quite crazy enough to go near the Dobermans. But I knew someone who was just plain insane: my brother Knuckles.

Berserker eyes
Knuckles and his Berserker Eyes

We went to get Knuckles, and then he just charged straight into the Dobermans with his berserker rage. He was just barking and leaping around and biting all the Dobermans, and some of the smaller Dobermans ran away from him - it was pretty awesome.

While Knuckles was distracting the Dobermans, I ran into the Doberman base to find the power cable, while the Beagle stayed at the vantage point and used his keen eyesight to spot Dobermans and direct me away from trouble. I quickly found what I thought was the power cable, and quickly chewed on it. But I think I chewed the wrong cable, because there was some kinda loud alarm and these blinking red lights started flashing everywhere!

We all scattered and quickly ran away from the Doberman base, and got away just as the base exploded behind us! Wow, that was totally awesome! Being the cool Dog Knight that I am, I never once turned back to look at the explosion.


Well, now we're back, and I think the Dobermans' plan to bring their leader back to life is chewed up beyond repair now (just like Momma's slippers), and our humans can once again sleep soundly at night. We still don't know what the Doberman Pharaoh is though, but we're going to find out.

Oh, and we made Knuckles and member of our super-group. His new super-hero name is Weapon K!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Uncovering the Dobermans' secret plan

Hey guys,

I can't write long and I'll have to get this post out quickly. I'm writing this from the top secret hidden Doberman base. The Beagle from down the road and I have managed to find it, based on the information we got from the Evil Cat. I can't tell you where it is, because it's so secret that I'm not really sure where I am, but the Beagle insists that we're at the right place.

The Dog Knight Returns

We're ducking and hiding from Doberman patrols, and right now we're at a safe spot, spying on the Dobermans. I managed to borrow my Momma's Nokia Internet Tablet. I'm not very good at typing on the mini keyboard, but the Beagle seems to be handy with a stylus.

Anyway, I'll have more news for you guys when we get out of here. I hope we can get out of here! The Dobermans are so scary!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthdays are so cool!

I was just scoping out my pals on the Internet today, and I noticed that it's Mitch's birthday! I'm not even a year old, so I don't really know what a birthday is like. But he had party hats, lollipops, and a pizza-cake topped with ice cream! I've never even eaten pizza or ice cream, but now I can't wait for my birthday so I can try too!

Happy birthday, Mitch!

Oh, and my Pops created a Facebook page for me! If you guys wanna join my group in Facebook, please click here. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Walkie walkie with Aunt Mainey


Last night, for the first time in like, forever, I got to go out for a walk! Momma and Pops were like "Sonic, tonight we're going to take you for a walk, no matter what!" And they did! Aunt Mainey came along too, and it was so awesome to run around in the Great Outside again.

But maybe I was the only lucky dog last night or something, because none of my friends were out for walks. Even the notorious Hill-Bottom Twins were really quiet last night. The only dog I even heard was Small-Fart, and that's because he's always whining and whinging. Ah well... I left them some peemail to say hi anyway.

Immediately after the walk, Momma lured me into the Torture Chamber! The walk was a trick! Oh no! I got bathed and cleaned up, and I didn't like it. A small bonus is that Momma lets me snuggle up to her in her bed after a shower, but still... the humiliation of being soaked is kinda bad. And this time, Aunt Mainey was watching and giggling too!

Oh well... at least I got to go out for a walk.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Boring weekend!

I just had the most boring weekend... Momma and Pops were out pretty much the whole weekend, doing their Christmas shopping and going to weddings and stuff, leaving me all to myself! Even Aunt Mainey was out and about a lot, so I just spent the weekend home alone.

Sad-faced Sonic
Home alone...

I don't know if you guys have noticed this, but isn't it weird how the days when you have the most time to blog, are also the same days that you have pretty much nothing to write about?

All I did was sit around, and wait for my humans to get back and play with me. The only highlight of my weekend was Aunt Jol visiting in the afternoon, but even then she spent the time playing videogames.

Aunt Jol visits

Oh wow is the weather horrible or what? I hate rain. I mean, it's water falling from the sky. It's like bath time for the whole world, and bath time is bad!

I guess I'll just go and wander around till they get back. Hiew hiew...

Still waiting

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Humans are confusing

I don't really understand humans... a few days ago, I left a Golden Offering on Aunt Mainey's luggage, and everyone got really upset. But why? I mean, that's what dogs do, right? We pee on things. But in the spirit of understanding and harmony, I tried something different.

So today, I tried to be more like a human, and I left a Golden Offering in the toilet, right there on the white seat that Momma and Pops always pees into. I mean, I haven't grown as tall as my humans yet, so I can't reach the top like they can... but I did the next best thing and peed on it.

And they STILL get mad at me. ARGH!!! I don't know if I'll ever understand them.

Hiew hiew hiew!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Photo Moment

A few posts ago, I told you guys how Knuckles and I would fight over milk bones and stuff while we're young? Well, Momma dug out a photo that shows how we still do that, even after we're older and more mature.

Sharing the milk bone

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scaredy Cat 2

That Evil Cat is really scared of me now! The other day, I totally ambushed him and scared the furballs right out of him! He left some clues under the table, so I'm going to show it to the Beagle from down the road and we'll figure out what their plans are.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Video Moment

The other day, Momma took a strange object into the room and left it on the floor. I think it's another one of those Flea containers! I was so scared!!! But I didn't show those fleas any fear. I stared them down and stood my ground. It's what any Dog Knight would do.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My other Pops

Last night, Momma, Pops, Aunt Mainey and I watched the big game between the Patriots and the Colts. Momma was so excited because she loves the QB for the Patriots. I know some of you don't know much about American Football and might not know what a QB is, so I'll explain. The QB is the Queen Bee of the team, and he's the guy that throws the ball around.

Anyway, Momma loves Tom Brady, and she asks me to refer to him as my "Other Pops". I don't think my real Pops is too happy about that.

The game was really exciting to watch, but that damned Dog in the Window showed up and started stealing my Bear-Bear! I can't stand him, because he's always hiding behind the window. What a scaredy dog! Wait till I bust out my Dog Knight moves on him!

No more rain, please

It's been raining and raining and raining. I hate the rain. I don't get to go out for my walks when it's raining. It's been a very long time since I got to go for my evening walk!

The other night, I almost got a proper one because my Pops took me out. But after turning the corner, he started feeling a slight drizzle and he panicked. Humans don't know this, but dogs can smell rain... and I didn't smell any rain. I tried to convince him that it wasn't going to rain and that it was just a passing drizzle, but my Pops wouldn't listen.

After we got home and got settled in... guess what? It didn't rain at all.

Hiew hiew hiew!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet the Toys: Leo the Leopard

My Grandma went to Australia to visit Aunt Mainey and Uncle Eff a few months ago, and she came back with a new toy for me that I just instantly became BFFs with. This toy was Leo the Leopard!

Leo the Leopard

Leo might be based on a cat, but that's okay because he doesn't purr and meow at all. In fact, the only noise he makes is the squeaking sound when I bite into his body. I love that squeaking sound!

Leo is great because he's a bit bigger than GG, but he's got those flailing arms and legs just like GG, so I can pick him up and toss him around over and over again. It's like so totally fun. Lately he's become my sparring buddy while I train to become the Dog Knight. I still toss GG around too, but Leo is a bit more like my own size now (and he has that squeaking sound).

Tackling Leo

I know you're technically not supposed to have two BFFs, but I love them both the same. So they take shifts being my BFF. During the day, when my humans are out, I'll play with Leo. But when my humans come back and I'm snuggling with them and getting ready for bed, that's GG's time.

Sonic and Leo

Well, I'm going to go and play with Leo now. See you guys later!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Photo Moment

Here are some pics that my humans snapped of me while I was sleeping... or at least trying to sleep. When I snooze, they get so caught up on how cute I am that they wanna snap some photos of it. Sometimes, I'm just too cute for my own good!

Sleepy Sonic 2
Tucked in with Miss Crab

Sleepy Sonic 1
Being woken up by Pops and his camera.

PS Uncle Eff went back to Melbourne last night. But Aunt Mainey is in town now to spend 3 months with me. It seems like my family is always rearranging themselves. Oh well... as long as there's always someone around to coddle me and pamper me!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Pops has fleas!

I just saw the grossest thing ever! Okay, a week ago my Momma forgot her Flea Capsule and left it at home. Worried that the fleas might die (what kinda person would actually worry about that?) she asked my Pops to take it with him that day, and feed the fleas.

I think my Pops wasn't careful enough with the fleas, because a few days later a big red thing started growing on his forehead. It got bigger and bigger, and then this morning while he was washing his face, the big red thing EXPLODED and gunky flea egg crap flew out onto the mirror! The moment I saw it explode (and I seriously even heard it too) I ran away before the fleas could infect me too.

It was so so sooooo gross. It was like my nightmare came true, except they popped out of my Pops' forehead instead of his stomach. I hid in my crate for the longest time, and I only came out of hiding an hour or so later.

I am never going near those creepy things again!

Pup Bros

Knuckles and I have had quite a childhood together. It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. We still tussle each other upon contact, to the point where I'll get really sick of him and just try to hide away from him... but I'll get so excited about seeing him the very next day. We'll fight over the same toys, fight over attention (we both hate it when our humans show the other dog some attention), and fight over peeing rights.

Anyway, I thought I'd put up some pics of us when we were puppies, just to show how little things have changed.

Fighting over the Milk Bone
Here we are, fighting over snacks.
Can you spot GG?

More fighting
Fighting for no reason...

Knuckles has teeth
It gets pretty rough sometimes...

Cozy Crib
But we always end up as pals again.

A long day of fighting always results in some heavy napping!

So yeah, we're both 10 months old now, we're both different colors now... but as you can see not much else has changed!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flea Capsule update

Momma's Flea Capsule is now on its second generation of fleas. Those things just don't stop beeping at all! Hiew hiew!

They're like, even more attention-seeking than I am! I can't stand them... those pesky fleas, trying to steal my Momma like that. I know... I'll just feed them to Knuckles next time he's here... heheheheh!

I've been thinking about my childhood a lot lately, so I think I'll post up some of our old puppy photos later tonight.

Growth Chart: 10 months

Okay, time to check out how much I've grown by comparing myself with GG again! This is so exciting... I think I'm gonna be a big strong dog one day, and I'll be able to reach all the hard to find snacks, leap over chihuahuas and maybe even bark down those Hill-Bottom Twins.

Though... I'm not sure if I've grown much since last month. I hope I haven't reached my maximum size cos I feel that I've got a lot more to grow!

Growth Chart: November
This is me, 10 months old!

Compare this with last month's pic.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scaredy Cat

The other day, Momma was on her way out to meet her friends so I walked her to the gate. And you know what I smelled? That Evil Cat hiding under my Pops' car, probably trying to do something bad again. The last time we crossed paths, the Evil Cat wasn't all that scared of me. But things have changed, and I am now the Dog Knight!

The Evil Cat again!

Immediately, I lept into action and started barking at it, with my feral superdog voice. The Evil Cat whined and gave some lame excuse that it was only napping and wasn't plotting anything evil... but you can't believe anything a cat says. All cats are liars. Any cat who says otherwise is also lying. Unless it says it's a liar, in which case it's telling the truth... but only 90% of the truth because it's in its nature to lie.

I turned up my barking strength, and chased the cat all the way to the garden before pouncing on it. With nowhere to run, the Evil Cat surrendered and begged for its life. I told him to reveal what the Dobermans are planning. He played innocent at first, and pretended not to know anything, so I barked some more and he caved in under my questioning.

Apparently, the Dobermans have been digging around the world, trying to find an ancient secret weapon. And apparently, they've narrowed down the search to my city! They're only weeks away from uncovering the secret weapon, and when they do, they will use it against every living creature in the world, and either destroy the world or just conquer it.

At that point, my Pops heard the commotion and came running after. In the distraction, the Evil Cat retreated deep into the garden where I couldn't reach him and hissed at me. What a scaredy cat! I got so angry that I used a bad word that the Beagle from down the road taught me once.

Cornering the Cat

The cat got really mad that I called it a "pussy", so I was really happy about that! But then my Pops got mad that I used a bad word, so he took me inside and scolded me. I sulked after that... hiew hiew hiew!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meet the Toys: GG the Giraffe!

Okay everyone, I want to introduce you to my favorite Best Toy Forever! Her name is GG the Giraffe, and she's been my bedtime cuddle buddy for as long as I can remember. GG was originally a present for Momma from Santa Paws, but I liked GG so much that Momma gave her to me as a toy.

Sonic and GG

Since then, I've been cuddling with her, play-fighting with her, and my humans and I will play fetch with her too. She used to be the same size as me, but she seems to be getting smaller and smaller. These days, she's become just the right size for me to rest my head on.

GG the Giraffe

Momma's been trying to train me to "Fetch GG!" and I think I'm getting there... though I'll sometimes forget how humans say GG and fetch the wrong toy instead. But I'm getting the hang of it, cos I'm really smart!

Anyway, now that you've met GG, I'm going to go and nap with her now!

Spiders in the garden

I hate the rain. I hate hate hate hate hate it. When it rains, I don't get to go out for walks. When it rains, it gets so cold and yucky. And when it rains, the spiders come out to play. In case you guys don't know what a spider is, it's a creepy little thing with eight legs. Just look for the eight legs. If it's got eight legs, it's probably a spider (unlike a dog, which you can tell by the two ears and one nose).

Spiders in the garden!
Argh! Creepy spiders!

I don't know why it happens, but whenever it rains, all the spiders in the garden seem to spring alive and then lay their sticky webs all over the place. At the moment there are something like six of these creepy spiders with their icky webs in the garden.

It's scary, because it's a trap! Spiders trap dogs with their webs. I mean, the webs are too small and weak to catch a dog (except maybe a chihuahua), but that's not the trap. Those clever spiders build their webs where dogs walk, hoping that a dog will walk right through it and get some web in the face. And while the dog is distracted by the irritating webs, the spider will crawl into a dog's ear and then control its brain! The poor dog will then become a zombie dog, mindlessly attacking anything it sees (because spiders are angry little critters).

Those poor Pit Bull Terriers are especially vulnerable to spiders, and that's why they can suddenly go from gentle dogs to savage eating machines!

I'm going to stay out of the garden for a while... hopefully it'll stop raining soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Treatie Treaty

Recently, my friend in Mexico Lorenza told me that while I get treats whenever I leave a Golden Offering on the Altar of Snack Conjuration, she doesn't. She was wondering if she should have a serious chat with her Momma about that, and I thought maybe it was time that us dogs should get together and form some kinda group or union or something. Since we all communicate through our blogs and the Internet, we can form some support group and take charge of our relationships with our humans.

I mean, in this case, we can declare to all our humans that we should always get treated whenever we leave a Golden Offering in the right spot! Otherwise, we can always go on strike, and be completely unfriendly and anything BUT a human's best friend. In other words, we will act like cats unless we get our snacks. We can call this agreement the "Treatie Treaty". Humans do this stuff all the time, and they love it, so why can't we?

I brought this up to the Beagle from down the road, but he thought it was a bad idea. Some dogs tried to form a union once, for the better of all dogkind... but the original idea was corrupted over time and now they've become an evil cult hell-bent on indogtrinating humankind and taking over the world. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yes, those dogs were Dobermans!!!

I don't want to end up becoming a Doberman and eating my Momma and Pops or something... so I guess I'll just forget this idea.

Random Photo Moment

A few months ago, Godma Des came all the way up from Australia to visit me! Well, she probably had some other errands to run while she was here like attend some convention or work stuff, but I know the main reason was to visit me.

Godma Des

Godma Des is some kinda super doctor (but not the scary vet type) and she's creating some super potion to make dogs invincible to hairdryers. That would be awesome!!! I'll never have to fear Momma's hairdryer again!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Video Moment

Here's an old video of me when I was a really young puppy, messing around with one of my oldest toys, Mr Squeaky! Look at my fur! I was so dark back then. I kinda miss dark fur sometimes... it makes me look more macho.

Peeing for Snacks

Lately, my Human Summoning Spell have been losing its power. Not only that, but it tends to annoy my humans too so I've been cutting down on that. Besides, I've found a new use for my Golden Offerings: The Altar of Snack Conjuration!

The Altar of Snack Conjuration

My Momma got it for me a while ago, basically it works like this. I leave a Golden Offering on it, and within moments, I'll get snacks! It's so awsome! I love snacks!

I'm not sure how the dog magic works, but I think it's something similar to the Human Summoning Spell. I think one of the Gods of Dogs (the Beagle from down the road thinks its the one named Bow-Wow) is watching over all of these altars around the world, and when a good little dog leaves a Golden Offering, Bow-Wow will make our humans give us a treat.

It's so awesome. Sometimes when I get snackish, I just have to squeeze out a few drops and I'll still get a nice snack. It's so much easier than going through my "Sit/stay" drills.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Photo Moment

Pops got a bit antsy after his Vikings lost to the Steelers, but he got much happier after the Vikings knocked down the Cheese Heads again this week. Mmm... cheese. I want to try eating cheese.

Imagine that, having a cheese head. If you got hungry, you could just chew on your own mouth or something, or eat your own nose.

Football fans
Watching the big game with Pops.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I hate veggies

Ever since the dinner at Happy Daze, Momma's been trying to feed me more vegetables. I don't know if you know what veggies are, but they're those icky things that you sometimes find together with your food, but aren't meat. Lemme say that again: NOT MEAT!

Munching dinner
I love my food

Yuck! I don't really like them, but my humans insist that they're supposed to be good for me and everything. How is it supposed to be good for me when it makes my taste buds go "EEERRGGH," right? I try to eat a few of them to appease Momma... but I just can't bring myself to finish the rest.

I heard from Grandma and Grandpa that while they were visiting Knuckles, Knucks got to steal and eat Grandpa's slice of cheese cake... and nobody punished him!!! How come he gets to eat the nice food???

I don't like veggies!
But I hate my veggies

Seriously, I'd much rather munch on Momma's slippers instead. They may taste like the floor, but they've got a nicer texture. Momma's just gotten another pair to replace the pair I destroyed, so I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Then this morning, Pops thought it wasn't such a good idea for me to chew on Momma's new slippers, so he took them away from me and stubbornly offered me some veggies instead.

Well, I thought taking the slippers away from me wasn't such a good idea either, so I left a Golden Offering under his chair. This is how dogs renegotiate!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Momma's big jog!

Earlier tonight, I waited and waited with Pops for my nightly car ride to the train station to fetch Momma home. I mean, the time was right, and I kept hearing the usual sound from Pops' phone that usually signals the time to go get Momma, but we never left. Pops didn't even reach for his car keys. Then later, I found out why we didn't head out.

Momma had embarked (Pops taught me this new word!) on her big run - all the way back from her workplace to home! And she managed to do it too! It meant that I didn't get to go on my car ride with Pops, but still I'm really proud of Momma.

She says she's going to do this once a week. I'm not sure why... I'd really rather just nap instead. Oh well, there's one bonus out of missing out on my car ride though... Momma comes home with smelly socks! I love those smelly socks!

Momma's jogging shoes

Humans hate fur

I think I know why Momma was so eager to shave my fur... she hates fur!

Momma hates fur so much that I've seen her do really painful things like plucking hairs out from places, or shaving her body... She even goes and shoots the hair off with lasers! I've seen Pops' movies and videogames, and I know what lasers are. They're pretty and brightly colored, but they're also painful and scary looking! They hurt people! I can't believe Momma would hate fur so much that she'd "Pew Pew!" herself, when really I'd just run into the corner and "hiew hiew" instead.

Is it really important to have silky and smooth skin? Even Pops shaves, but he does the hair on his face. All humans feel that way about fur (well, except for the Robson Twins, but that's because they used to be St. Bernards) But I'm a dog! I'm not supposed to be silky and smooth. I'm supposed to have silky soft fur, and that's something entirely different.

I've overheard Momma and Aunt Jol talking about how much they hate the idea of wearing fur and how they will never wear fur because it's nasty... but that's a human thing, right? Momma even likes this human girl from one of her favorite TV shows who was in some ad to stop people from growing fur.

Dogs are allowed to keep fur, right? Or should I feel ashamed that I grow fur? Is it wrong to have fur? I'm not hurting anybody by growing my fur, right? It's not my fault I'm born furry! I'm so confused!

What if someday they decide to shave my face and legs too, and I end up looking like a giant rat-pig? How am I supposed to fight the forces of Evil when I look like a giant rat-pig? Although the Beagle from down the road told me once about a naked mole rat fighting evil... What is a naked mole rat, anyway? It sounds kinda gross! Like a little rubbery squeaky thing or something... Maybe it's related to chihuahuas?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Training begins

Yesterday I began my training to become the Dog Knight. I started by sparring with my old toy, Mr Crab. Mr Crab is slightly larger than me, so it'll be good practice for when I start going against Dobermans and really fat cats. I'm getting pretty good at throwing Miss Crab around and flinging her into things. I think soon I'll be able to try sparring with Miss Crab, Leo and GG at the same time.

To train my biting and chewing strength, I attacked Momma's bedroom slipper today. Hahahaha... only one of us walked away from that one! I eat slippers like that for supper!

Momma's slipper, Sonic's supper

Okay, I'm going to go back to more training now.

PS Someone claiming to be the Batmandog (or Batmandogdog) wrote in my Shoutbox. Can it be? Is the real Batmandog still alive? I hope he supports my mission!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Dog Knight Returns!

My Pops once told me the story of a superhero who fights crime while pretending to be a bat. His name is Batman, and he is so effective in stopping crime because the idea of a super-bat scares the poop out of bad guys. I told the story to the Beagle from down the road, and apparently what humans don't know is that us dogs also had a superhero like that.

According to the Beagle from down the road, there was once a dog whose humans were robbed and murdered while taking him for a walk through a dark alley at night. He tried to fight them off, but the robbers were too strong for him. They escaped, but the dog never forgot their scent. Now that he was without any humans, he roamed the city and trained and trained to become a stronger dog by attacking random ex-Atlanta Falcons quarterbacks and postmen. He heard the story of Batman, so he proclaimed himself Batmandog.

But about twenty dog-years ago, Batmandog disappeared. The Beagle from down the road thinks that it's because he finally found the two robbers, and retired after he chewed up their faces while they slept.

The Beagle from down the road suggested that I should continue in his pawsteps, and I thought it was a great idea. Naming my alter-ego was a bit tricky though, because if a man that pretends to be a bat is called "Batman", then a dog that's pretending to be a dog that pretended to be a man pretending to a bat will be called "Batmandogdog". It's a bit too much of a mouthful, even for a bulldog, so we shortened the name to "The Dog Knight".

So that's what I'll be. I'll become the Dog Knight and protect my humans from the Evil Cat and the Dobermans. I'll start my training immediately! Bad guys beware!

The Dog Knight Returns

Monday, November 2, 2009

Shaving Sonic

Yesteday, I got shaved!

The Beagle from down the road thought it would be a good idea to shave my fur, because he heard that "Mixed Marital Artists" like to shave their heads before they fight, so that their spouses won't be able to pull their hair while fighting over paints. And if I'm going to challenge those Dobermans in combat, then I'll need every bit of help I can get.

So Momma and Pops took me to Melvin the Groomer, and on top of the regular stuff like trimming my claws and plucking the fur from my ears (always so painful!) he went on and totally shaved off my fur with a scary whirring thing.

The "Before" shot
Here's what I looked like before grooming...

This is me, getting my nails clipped.

Okay, I've always had my nice fuzzy coat of fur ever since I was born. I like it when my humans brush my fur. This is a totally different experience. With my fur shaved off... it's like I can feel the wind on my skin! It's so weird!

I'm sure you guys want to see what I look like now, so here's a pic of my new look.

That's just sorta freaky
My new look!

Okay I'm just kidding! That's not me at all! That's just the dog that got shaved after me. He's kinda funny-looking and googley-eyed, but Momma says that's what happens when you pull faces and then the wind changes. If only Chinese Crested dogs had Mommas as wise as mine. Anyway, this is what I really look like after my haircut:

New and improved shaved Sonic
Look how sleek I look now!

Pretty handsome, huh? It's just so strange. I feel really light and agile now, and when the wind blows it's a totally different feeling. But I like it lots. And I'll probably be able to kick butt now. Evil Cats beware!

My humans think I look like this actor named Liev Schrieber. I'm not sure if I see the resemblence myself, but here's a comparison photo.

Celeb lookalike

What do you think? Do I look like the guy who plays Sabretooth?

I'm not the dog you're looking for

I had such a good dream this morning. In my dream, I left a Golden Offering under my Pops' desk, and then my humans confronted me about it.

Momma: Someone just peed under your Pops' desk. Let us see your paws, Sonic!
Sonic: Hiew hiew hiew!
Pops: We don't need to see his paws.
Sonic: Hiew hiew!
Pops: He's not the dog we're looking for.
Sonic: Hiew hiew hiew hiew.
Pops: You can go about your business.
Sonic: Hiew hiew hiew!
Pops: Move along, move along!

After that, Momma made Pops clean up the pee while she watched TV. That was such a sweet dream! I was like so awesome! I'm think that I'm destined to have these powers. I'm going to go and practice on GG.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dining out!

Last night we met up with two of Pops' friends, Uncle Qian and Uncle DX, and Uncle Qian bought us dinner at this really cool place that's dog-friendly! It was so cool, like the table was booked under my name, and had a reservation tag that said "Sonic".

Reservation tag

I really felt so important at this place. The waitress would bring out a water dish for me, I got to sit at the table on a chair and I even had my own menu!

Doggy Menu

There was quite a nice range of food to choose from, like a chicken stew, lamb meat balls and beef stew... but they didn't have pork (my favorite food). I wanted to try the lamb meat balls, but they were all out of that, so I ordered the chicken stew instead. The humans were sharing this delicously looking basket of cheesy fries, but I wasn't allowed to have any of that.

Ordering food

And when my food arrived, I was allowed to eat at the table! This is technically the second time I got to do so (the first being at that place with the logo of two dogs peeing into the middle) but it's so much cooler because the other time, I was like eating scraps and stuff. This time, I'm eating my own dish at the head of the table!

Eating at the table

The stew was alright, but it had a whole bunch of stuff in it that I've never tried before and I was a bit scared to eat them. The biscuits however, were so yummy! Pops always teases Momma about ordering her dessert before her main course, but now I can understand why she does it! The biscuits were so much tastier than the stew, and I just gobbled them all up.

My new uncles

One thing that bugged me about the place though, was this mysterious door that was near our table. I'm not sure why, but I just didn't like it. Every time it opened or moved, I just had to bark loudly at it and try to scare it away. I'm not sure how a dog can scare a door away, but barking seems to work with everything else. I don't think it worked though, because it stayed put and continued bugging me all night.

But even with the annoying door, I still had such a good time. I had reservations under my name, sat at the table, ate at the table... I felt almost human. It's a strange feeling, but it's kinda nice. I hope I get to go out and eat like this more often. I can't wait to tell Knuckles and get him back for the time he made me jealous about the beach!

After that, we all went home, and while my humans were chatting to Uncle Qian and Uncle DX, the stupid Dog in the Window came back to try to crash the party. I kept trying to get the humans to open the door to let me chase him away, but they're so slow to react that by the time they let me out, the stupid coward will have gotten away. Argh! Hiew hiew hiew!!!

Anyway, I gotta go. My humans are taking me to the groomers... I'm getting a new haircut! More about that later.

The Evil Cat bugging the car

Last night, I snuck out of the house after my humans fell asleep to protect them from the Dobermans. I don't know why, but I just smelled that something was wrong and I had to check it out.

And it's a good thing I did too, because I found The Evil Cat hiding under my Pops' car! I barked at the Evil Cat, but the stupid Cat just wasn't really afraid of me, and it hissed back at me! After a bit of name-calling, I finally managed to chase the Evil Cat away from my Pops' car.

Evil cat under the car
It's the Evil Cat messing with my Pops' car!

I investigated the car, and found that the Evil Cat had placed some sort of device under the car. It was either a tracking or bugging device, so it can't be good news. Not only that, but my keen sense of smell detected traces of Doberman on it. Dobermans and cats working together? What's going on? It doesn't matter though, cos all you need is a little Golden Shower to mess up any device.

My humans can sleep safely for another night, but the fight with the Evil Cat bugs me. How can I protect my humans when the forces of Evil aren't even afraid of me? I think I'll need to figure out a way to strike fear into their hearts, so that the cats and squirrels of the world (and maybe even the Dobermans) will run for their lives the moment they see me.

I'm going to talk to the Beagle from down the road about this. I'm sure he'll help me out. His humans aren't safe from the bad guys either. Nobody is safe!
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