Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Picture Moment - Starring Knuckles!

Give me my toy back!

Apparently I'm not the only dog who's being teased by a dog in the window. Knuckles just told me that there's one at his place who keeps stealing his toys too! Where do these guys come from? And how come we can't ever reach them to chase them away? One of these days, I'll figure out how to get through that window and chomp on their butts!

And because everyone thinks Knuckles is so cute, here's what it looks like when he wakes Aunt Jol up in the morning.

"Wake up and play with me!"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Flat Brutus' misadventures around our home

As you probably know, Flat Brutus has been our guest this past week. He doesn't say much, and he usually just chills out wherever we put him. He's a pretty strange dog, I must say. I mean, I haven't seen him pee much, and he doesn't go nuts over food and snackies like most dogs I know. Still, it's good to have him around cos he's just so cute!

Check out some pics of us hanging out together:

It's not that I don't want to share my milk
bone, cos Flatty doesn't want it anyway

I don't get why Flatty doesn't need to take a shower!

Chilling out with Ms Crab

If it's one thing that annoys me about Flatty, it's that my Humans seem to favor him a bit! I mean, he didn't need to take a bath. He doesn't need to get his face brushed, and tomorrow, they're thinking of taking him to the zoo! I've never been to the zoo!!! Argh!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Four legs good, two legs better

Although the Beagle from down the road sometimes teaches me bad things, he's sometimes full of really good advice too! Like he told us how to get human food by acting like humans. He said: "If you walk like a dog, you will get dog food. If you want to eat human food, then you'll have to walk like a human."

I tried to explain this to Knuckles, but he was too impatient to listen to the full quote so I had to break it down to a simple "Four legs good, two legs better." He understood immediately, so the two of us ran to my Momma when she brought back some fresh waffles.

And you know what? We got to eat waffles in the end!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day, with special guest Flat Brutus!

So last weekend was Father's Day, and we all went over to my iGrandmother's place to celebrate together with Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen-Gen's family. Which means not only was Knuckles there, but cousin Tails too. But this weekend, we had an international visitor in the very flat form of Flat Brutus! Yes, the lost traveler has finally found his way over to us, thanks to the Musketeers.

"Flatty" wasted no time getting to know Tails and Knuckles, though we had to keep him away from Knuckles because he kept trying to eat the poor little guy. It's nothing personal, Flatty - Knuckles tries to eat everything. Just ask Aunt Jol's phone and my iGrandmother's glasses.

Flatty and Tails

Knuckles tries to eat Flatty's paw (but fails)

So Flatty had quite a cultural experience, because we showed him how to play mahjong. Mahjong is this game where the humans kinda shuffle these little tiles around again and again making a lot of noise, and then they stack them into little ineffective walls. But the best part is, they're usually so distracted by this game that Knuckles and I (well, mostly Knuckles) can sneak up and steal human snacks from them.

Aunt Jol, Aunt Gen-Gen and
Flatty on the mahjong table

Then there was a lot of food to eat. And guess what... we didn't get any. Flatty, being the special guest, got to pose with the food though. He was amazingly well-behaved, because he didn't make any attempt to snatch some human food while he was up there.

Why does Flatty get to pose with the food?

Flat Brutus will be hanging out with us for a while more, so expect more pictures of him as we chill and hang out!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Humans love names

I noticed one thing about humans and names... they love them. Most dogs have just the one proper name, but humans aren't satisfied with one name. They have last names, middle names, nick names, surnames... they have all kinds of names.

And because Knuckles and I only have the one name, our humans have given us all these various nicknames to make up for it.

Noo-Clay and Hiew Hiew

My other names:
Hiew Hiew (actually my Chinese name), Son-son, So-nice, Sonicky, Fur-Kid, Pee-Paws (it's not my fault I can't aim!), Old-Man Face, Smelly Boy, Fart Factory, Crooked Face (this one isn't very nice, Pops!)

Knuckles' other names:
Knucks, Noo-clay (his French name), Kun-Tao (his Hokkien name), Nunnals, Na-knuck

What about you guys? Do you have cool nicknames?

PS On the advice of a lot of you guys, I decided to apologize to my Humans about running off into the Great Outside and making them chase me around. Although he's my BFF (Best Fur-Friend), I think the Beagle from down the road can be a bad influence sometimes. He's really cool and knows a lot of cool things, but he's never around when I get in trouble!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My slow-poke Pops vs the great big hill

The other night, Aunt Co came to visit, and she left the gate open. I took the chance to visit the Great Outside for a sniff and pee, and my Humans weren't particularly happy about that. They came outside and asked me to go back inside. 

But I'm a big dog now, and the Beagle from down the road told me that big dogs don't have to listen to everything humans say! So I went around, sniffing and peeing, and then when my Pops tried to herd me back towards our place, I made a mad dash down the hill! It was so funny seeing Pops run after me in his flip-flappy sandals. I was much faster than him, and he couldn't catch me even when I slowed down at the bottom of the hill. And when he got to the bottom of the hill, I ran straight back up and he had to run after me again... but always behind. You're so slow, Pops!

The hill that pwned my Pops

My Momma caught me at the top of the hill though, and both humans were very angry with me. But I don't get it! I'm a big dog! I can look after myself! I don't need you to leash me up when we go into the Great Outside!

Anyway, once inside I had to sit in my playpen for a while until I apologized.That wasn't so cool at all.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lamb burgers and DJ Hero

Wow last weekend was really awesome! On Saturday night, "Douchey" Uncle Qian (who insists he's not douchey) and Uncle Tim came over to cook lamb burgers for us. Well, Uncle Tim did, anyway... Uncle Qian was just here to eat. Aunt Jol and her friend Marie came along for the special treat as well.

They smell as good as they look

Uncle Tim made these lamb burgers from scratch, and they smelled really really good. Even before he started cooking them, I could smell the yumminess and I spent the whole time snooping around the kitchen. I wasn't allowed to eat the lamb burgers cos I had my own dinner, but you never know when someone might drop something on the floor and I can use the 5-second rule!

Isn't anyone going to drop something?

At the end of the cooking, here is the result:

Human food sure looks pretty

I was very very cunning and stalked everyone, but nobody dropped any food on the floor, not even my usually-klutzy Aunt Jol. I was very disappointed, but at least I got a good whiff.

The next day, Aunt Jol, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen-Gen came over for a short while to play the DJ Hero game that Uncle Tim loaned to us. I could smell cousin Tails' smell all over Aunt Cheryl, so I went a bit nuts at her to sniff any messages that Tails might've left on her.

Aunt Cheryl was very shocked
when I jumped onto the couch

They enjoyed the game a lot (thanks, Uncle Tim!) but they got pretty confused by the controls, and started cheating.

I'm pretty sure you're only supposed
to use one pair of hands...

Guess humans just aren't as good as multi-tasking as dogs. Me? I can nap, look cute, and fart at the same time.

PS Today is Aunt Mainey's birthday! Happy birthday, Aunt Mainey! Come back and visit me soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A smelly conversation

Overheard in the bedroom this morning...

Pops: Sonic, your farts smell worse than mine.
Momma: That's rubbish! Your farts are way stinkier than Sonic's.
Sonic: I don't know what you Humans are talking about. My farts don't smell bad at all!

Only humans have stinky farts.
Dog-farts smell like butter!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A very rare moment

Check out this video and tell me what's wrong with it.

That's right! In what could be the rarest of rare moments, Knuckles and I are not fighting and tussling or otherwise just barking and snarling jealously at each other. Enjoy it while you can, humans! It must be a full moon or something. That's also rare... a full moon in the middle of the day. That's pretty mysterious and strange, right?

Speaking of mysteries, how does Knuckles bark so loudly without hurting those big ears of his? Maybe it's like a vicious circle. He barks, and it hurts his ears and gives him a headache. And because his head hurts, he keeps barking in pain. Hmmm... I think I just solved the mystery!

How does he not hurt his own ears with his barking?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bath time for Knuckles!

If you guys can't get enough of my no-mouthed brother, here's a pic that Aunt Jol posted up the other day. It's Knuckles in his little red bath-tub. I know exactly how he feels!

Please don't bathe me!
I promise I won't eat your phone anymore!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pops' Star Wars animation

So I told you guys that my Pops was hogging the computer doing his animation reel for some weird "job-hunting" exercise. Anyway, if you guys wanna see, here's part of what he was doing. Some people didn't know what the Jedi was doing at the end, but us dogs will recognize it as the mind trick. Except we do it by staring at humans and sticking out tongues out at the dinner table.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flat Brutus is lost in Singapore!

Have you seen this dog? He's cute, and flat

My Humans and I have been eagerly awaiting my play-date with Flat Brutus, but he never showed up. I was starting to wonder if I've been stood up, but then we just found out that Flat Brutus is lost somewhere in Singapore, and nobody knows where he is! Oh he must be so scared out there in the Great Outside with no way to get home.

If you live in Singapore like us, please do keep an eye out for this cute and flat Frenchie. You can recognize him by his big eyes, flat snout, and even flatter body. He also lies very still and almost never moves. If you see him, please do bark for us to fetch him!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hey guys! Last Friday was a holiday, so Momma and Pops got to play with me for an extra day!

They went out swimming in the morning, which didn't involve me, but then they came back and spent the afternoon playing with me, before taking me over to visit Knuckles. Now, I like having a little brother and all, but sometimes Knuckles just really sticks so close to me... like a shadow. Everything I do, he comes and does too. I go to this room, and he runs after me. Not just close to me, but he presses up against me.

If I eat, he has to eat too!

But what I really don't like, is when he uses his cute "no-mouth" face to start getting belly rubs and chin scruffs from my Humans. Hey! That's my Momma! You have your own, Knucks! Don't try to steal my Momma from me!

I really don't like it. Anytime he goes near my Humans, I get angry and I start barking at him and chasing him away. So the next day, I had a chat with my Momma.

Me: Momma, how come when we go to visit Aunt Jol and grandmother, you always show Knuckles so much attention?

Momma: That's because we play with you all the time when we're at home. I hardly get to see Knuckles, so when I do, I play with him. 

I was okay with that answer for a while. But then on Sunday, I told the Beagle from down the road what Momma said, then the Beagle brought up a good point: what if Knuckles lived with us and Momma saw him all the time? Would that mean my Momma would play with him all the time too?

I think I'm going to have to stick closer to my Momma from now on, and not let Knuckles and his cute "no-mouth" look steal my Momma away.
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