Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm 2 years old!

This post is a little bit late, and the person to blame is of course, my Pops. But anyway, last Sunday was my birthday! I'm now 2 years old, and in dog years that would make me a teenager now!

I'm a big dog now!

Unfortunately, my Momma and Pops were away on a weekend getaway... but at least my grandparents and Aunt Mainey were around to keep my company. So I wasn't left alone or anything, and it gave me some time to think about the things that have changed since I was a little puppy.

I used to be afraid of The Great Outside, and would hide behind the door. I used to need Momma and Pops to carry me up and down the stairs, but now I can climb up and down by myself... and I'm even faster than they are!

In fact, I am completely independent now, and can do pretty much everything myself. The only things I need my Humans for are:

  1. Taking a bath (though I think I can get by without ever taking one)
  2. Filling my food bowl
  3. Cleaning my food bowl
  4. Filling my water bowl
  5. Cleaning off my dingleberries
  6. Traveling to Knuckles' place
  7. Brushing my fur
  8. Dabbing my paws clean after I pee-paw myself
  9. Opening the Big Gate to the Great Outside
  10. Going for a walk in the Great Outside
  11. Getting onto my Humans' bed
  12. Cleaning up my Golden Offerings
  13. Buying more toys for me
  14. Buying more food for me
  15. Putting on or taking off my collar
  16. Updating this blog
  17. Switching on the TV so I can watch Bones
  18. Protecting me from Dobermans and cat ambushes
  19. Opening the container with all my treats
  20. Fishing out my treats when they roll under the bed
  21. Reaching for my toys when I toss them onto the table
  22. Opening room doors
  23. Pulling my bed out of my crate
  24. Packing my toys away (not that I should need to)
  25. Belly rubs!

But other than that, I can do everything by myself cos I'm a big dog!

What are some things you guys need help with?
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