Monday, April 18, 2011

Nobody puts Sonic in the corner!

Last night, grandpa invited a whole bunch of his friends over for dinner. Most of them were alright (though they all smelled old), but one of them was this woman who was afraid of dogs! And because of that, I wasn't allowed near them all night long.

 Who would be afraid of little furry me?

At first they put me in my play pen, but I wanted to go out and play with the guests so I barked and whined as any self-respecting dog would. So then not only did they decide they didn't want me sniffing their guests' feet, they didn't want to hear me call out either. So I was put into the kitchen. I was so upset! Momma and Pops were too, so they took turns excusing themselves from the dinner table to keep me company in the kitchen.

This is what I don't understand... this is my home! Why should I be kept in the corner of my own home just because some visitor comes and decides they're afraid of a little super cute dog? Why should they be afraid of me? The Beagle from down the road says it's probably because she had abused or eaten dogs in the past, and she's afraid that I can smell her guilt.

But still... it's my home! Maybe SHE should be kept in the kitchen if she feels safer away from dogs. Hiew hiew hiew!

Anyway, sorry for not writing more often in the past month. I missed you guys lots!


  1. We miss you too, Sonic. Maybe you should have gotten one super duper sized bone to keep you happy while you got stuck in the corner.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. got a valid point. She won't be invited any more!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Was just thinking about you yesterday. We drove past a game store and they had a lifesize Sonic out there trying to pull customers in. :)

  4. Yes, we agree with you, it's our home, why are we kept away in a corner or playpen for that matter. There is a human cousin sister of ours who is just so terrify of dogs and whenever she needs to be here, during family gatherings, she has to stay in our playpen!! And if she needs to move about, she carries the playpen with her. Hooray to that!!

  5. We totally agree...that turdley woman should have eaten her dinner in the kitchen with the door shut while you remained King of your castle for crap's sake!!!!!

    Totally unfair. I think you might need to leave a few presents in some shoes to get your point across!

    Good luck, dude!


  6. Sonic!
    You are soooo right!
    Sorry you had to stay in the kitchen!
    Hmmm.... afraid of you.... haaa!
    I agree with the Beagle!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. me agrees!! no one should put Sonic in 'da corner!!

    Anakin Man


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