Monday, March 8, 2010

Airport? NOOOOO!!!!

Last night, there was some very unusual stuff going on in the bedroom. Momma was tossing some of her clothes into a big black bag. She doesn't normally do that at all. So I went to check it out.

"What's with the clothes, Momma?
What are you doing?"

So as I snooped around a bit more, she kept piling on and on the clothes, and then started charging up the camera and asking Pops for SD cards and stuff. What's an SD card, anyway? Is it something like a V-day card, like the one Brutus got from Stella? I didn't think so... and something wasn't right.

Then I heard my Humans use the terrifying word: "airport."

Noooo!!! My Momma's going away??? What if she goes away for a long time, like Aunt Mainey and Uncle Eff? What am I going to do without Momma? I'm freaking out here! I don't know what to do!!! What if Momma's leaving me forever? Pops doesn't even know how to give me a bath without getting soap in my eyes!

I'm soooo sad! Hiew hiew hiew!!!


  1. Oh no ! Where is your mommy going ? She better be back soon, as her baby Sonic will sure miss her !

  2. Maybe you could sneak into the big black bag when your Momma's not watching.

  3. where is your Mommy going Sonic? I am sure she will be back soon! Try not to panic!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  4. Hello Sonic!

    Where is Mommy off to? Calm down and worry not though, she would not be gone for long, right, Sonic Mommy?

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  5. Quickly, empty all the useless clothes and SD cards and hide in the bag. Hurry up!

  6. oh man my mommy only goes on day trips without me long trips I always go with her... I sure hope she comes back really soon!!!

    wags and licks

  7. Aww...I don't think she'll be gone very long. Not without bringing you along, Sonic! *wink* Who can resist leaving you all alone with your puppy look? *grins* She'll be back real'll see! *grins*


  8. Hi, Sonic!
    What? Whaaat? Whaaaaat?
    Where is she going?? For how long?
    Hmmm.... don't panic! She will not abandon you!
    I am sure Pops is going to take good care of you!
    Let us know how it goes, ok?
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I would start by pulling everything off of the kitchen counters. :)

  10. You should have jumped in the suitcase and went with her Sonic! :)

  11. hello sonic its dennis the vizsla dog hay wun wurd: dog food in the gas tank!!! ummmm ok i gess that is teknikly like siks wurds but yoo git the ideea!!! ok bye


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