Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two visits to the Vet

Over the weekend, our Humans took my brother Knuckles and I to the scary place where the vet is. Apparently, it was time for our vexy vacksi, well it was time for our shots. That means the creepy vet lady had to stick sharp pokey bits into us!

Help us! We don't want to be jabbed with pokey things!

When we went inside, Knuckles threw a tantrum on the vet's table, but that didn't stop the vet lady from taking two pokey sticks and then shoving those things into us. It hurt, but we didn't struggle too much because we were too scared!!!

Knuckles tried to show them who's
the Alpha, but he failed.


The evil pokey sticks

It's alright, we're okay!

It wasn't too painful in the end, and we got out okay. After that, we went back to Grandmother's place to hang out a bit.

The very next day, it was Momma's turn to see the human-vet. Momma wasn't feeling so well in the morning, so Pops and I took her there instead of her work. I wasn't allowed in the human-vet place (I still don't get why humans can visit a dog-vet but dogs can't visit a human-vet), so I just stood outside and waited with Pops.

It's not fair! Why can't I go into the human-vet place?

After that, Momma got to spend the day at home with me! So I snuggled up to her foot all day! That was awesome!

I love Momma's foot-pillow!

PS Sorry for not updating much lately. Pops has been hogging the computer to do something called "rendering". When he's done, he promised that I can show you guys what he's doing though!

PPS Thanks for all the support you guys gave me after my weekend abandonment last week! I'll be sure to think about you guys if it ever happens again, especially Salinger's suggestion to make long distance calls!


  1. We are glad woo were SO brave!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. WE kind of like our vet - she is very cool and gives great scritches.

  3. Oh no not the pokey sticks!! Those are awful! I had to get one last week too! Glad you are ok!!
    Hopefully your mommy is feeling better too!

  4. I don't think we've ever gotten shots. (Uh... what's that, Mom? Really? REALLY?!?!)
    OK, apparently we get them all the time, but we don't even notice. Who knew?

  5. Oh poor boys and the pokey sticks!!!

    It's almost time for my pokes too....but I have to spread mine out for like TWO WEEKS because the first year I had them, they gave me all the medicines at ONCE and I was all drugged up and barfed up this egg yolky looking crap all over the dash and front seat of mom's car....and she damn near smashed into a telephone pole as she whipped the car around to go back to the Vet's office!!!!

    I tell you....those poke things cause TROUBLE! Knuckles was smart to try and pee his way out of it!

    Hope you're feeling better Dude!


    Pee S. We're glad you liked our long distance call suggestion! Any way to stick it to the man (a.k.a. "parents") is good!

  6. The vet is so scary! Good job though.

  7. Hi, Sonic!
    Visits to the Vet are not funny, right?
    Glad you two are ok!
    I hope your mom is feeling better now!
    Kisses and hugs


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