Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's my bday!

Shhh... My Humans are still asleep, so I have to be quiet while I write out this quick post. Today is my birthday, and my Humans couldn't wait to give me my new presents so they gave them to me late last night. I got new snacks and my own Xbox controller!

My birthday gifts!

I've never had a birthday before, but it's so awesome! I mean, I get presents! It's like Christmas all over again, except this time I'm special!

Momma fed me my new snacks, and I loved them all.

Waiting for the command to EAT!

Yes, I'm very happy now!

Pops was so happy about the Xbox controller, because now it means we have the same toy. But first, he had to teach me to tell which one is mine and which is his. But I'm smart! I know which one's mine!

Xbox controller plushy!

I'm really happy with my new Xbox controller, but who is Pops kidding? The Beagle from down the road says it's cruel to get a puppy an Xbox controller for his birthday, when there isn't a working Xbox in the house! Hurry up and fix or replace your Xbox, Pops!

My brother Knuckles and Aunt Jol is coming over later, and we're going to go to the park! Momma says she's got a surprise for me there! I'm so excited!


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Sonic!!
    Have a fantastic day!! :-)
    Looks like you have got some great presents :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Sonic - looks like a fun day - if you need any help let us know.......

  3. Happy Happy 1st Barkday Sonic!

    Your Xbox controller is sooooo cool! Do count us in if you decide to have an Xbox playdate anytime soon. We do need to get a few tips from you on how to behave infront of treats.

    Now that you say it's like Christmas all over again, Mocha, Sugar and I are so looking forward to our 1st barkday in May! We also like your video.

    Enjoy your special day!

    -Frappie & the Piappies

  4. Happy Birthday Sonic!
    I can see you are having a great time celebrating your big day!
    Your Xbox controller is pawesome! The same as your Pops!
    And yummy treats!
    And later a party I am sure!
    Have fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Happy Birthday Little Pal!

    What great pressies woo got!

    Nom noms AND your own Xbox khontrollere!



  6. happy Birthday, Sonic!!! Great pressies - and we hope your Dad gets is X box fixed so you can play together:)

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Happy happy birthday, Sonic! I personally found the controller very appropriate, knowing who you were named after. I'm not sure you'll always be able to tell one from the other though. I think your folks are headed for trouble, but I don't mind, as long as you're happy. Keep the celebrations going!


    Those gifts look totally pawsome!


  9. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Sonic!!! Hope you Have an AWESOME ONE!! YaY!!!

  10. You made out this year! Happy birthday! :)

  11. Happy belated birthday!!!
    Tail wags,

  12. Happy birthday, Sonic!
    What neat pressies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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