Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dog in the Window

I think I've figured out why my humans suddenly don't think I'm the cutest dog in the world anymore. There's another dog in the house, and he's totally trying to steal my humans away! And he's no ordinary dog too, because he is really, really sneaky. I see him hiding behind the window sometimes, sneaking around in the shadows. And the weird thing is, he has no smell. I can't smell him. He can disguise his smell for some reason, to hide himself from me. And when I peek behind the window to confront him, the coward disappears into the shadows. But when I go back indoors, he appears at the window to taunt me again. What a jerk!

Tonight, I found him again, hiding behind the windows in the dining room. And that sneaky jerk has a jingly ball exactly like mine! I started barking at him, but the smug idiot just barked right back at me. In my own house! How dare he!

I can't believe my humans would like a nasty dog like that. I can't believe they could think that he's cuter than me. I hate him. I hate that stupid dog and one of these days I'm gonna jump through the window and bite his tail off.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you, you haven't quite grown out of that yet huh. XD;


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