Friday, August 6, 2010

The Cone of Shame

Recently, I got this scratch behind my ear, and it got kinda itchy. So I did the obvious thing and scratched it some more with my paw. I'm not sure why, but it got worse! Then it started bleeding, and got really uncomfortable. The more I scratched, the worse it got!

So Momma put some weird cream stuff on it to help it get better, but I knew how to instantly make the itch go away by scratching it. Momma got really upset, and then she put the Cone of Shame on me!

I've never seen the Cone of Shame before, but when she took it out I instantly felt its power and I cowered. I was so scared. I've never been that scared before. I mean, it was scarier than a thousand dobermans!

"Momma please! I promise I won't do
whatever I did wrong again!"

Momma had trouble putting it on me because I was so strong and fast, so she had to get Pops to help her. Every time they put it on, I squirmed my way out of it, until Momma tied it to my collar and finally I was captured by the Cone of Shame.

So I did the only thing I could at that point - I panicked. I just stood there and shook. I couldn't bring myself to move, because it was like I was held it some kinda fear shield. I felt so trapped... every time I moved, I bumped into something because I couldn't see around me. When my Humans took me outside to pee (they had to carry me up and down the stairs because I couldn't walk the stairs myself), I couldn't do it. I just froze out there. They had to take off the Cone before I could pee.

After the garden, they put it back on and I returned to my frozen, panicked state. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't even bring myself to lie or sit down. Pops stayed up with me for a while, hoping that I would fall asleep but I couldn't. Later on, Momma felt so bad for me that she took the Cone off. And it was only then that I could bring myself to fall asleep.

But I still had nightmares about the Cone of Shame that night...


  1. Poor sonic, you shld ask knuckles for tips. he's quite a pro at wearing the cone of shame.

    In fact, he calls it the "mighty cone" cuz it helps him lift things.... i.e step bin covers.

  2. That's exactly what happened to me the first time I got that stoopid evil lampshade, Sonic! I froze in place and wouldn't move! We were sure smart, right? We both got our own way! Mom put a sock on my foot with a velcro thingy at the top to hold it up so I wouldn't scratch.

    Love ya lots,

  3. Sonic, you know your moma just wants to make sure you are back to normal again! I can understand that it is uncomfortable with the cone but you should try to make the best of it......

    I found you through Nellie and Calvert and I will be visiting you soon again!!!! Get well!!!

    Paws and woffs and doggles to you!


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