Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooking for Grandma's bday

I thought I'd just drop a quick post to show you some pictures of Pops' cooking yesterday. Remember how he was supposed to cook for grandma's birthday? Here's how it went.

Pops' badly handwritten recipe

The "Before" shot

The "After" shot

The "After-After" shot

The dog that didn't get to eat any of it

A sad thing happened after lunch - Momma and Pops decided to take me to the vet! They tried to trick me by taking me to a different vet, but I recognized the smell. All vets smell the same.

Get me outta here, Momma! Pleeeeeeeease?

They took me to the vet because my ear's been hurting a bit lately. Momma says there's a lotta funky-smelling stuff in it when she cleans my ears with the fluff-sticks. I usually struggle anyway, but lately I've been yelping too.

It turns out that I have a yeast infection! The doc gave me some ear drops, so hopefully my ear won't be hurting anymore. Momma says my ear is like a vajayjay... but what's a vajayjay and why is it like my ear?


  1. Food looks yummy!

    EEK...hope they get that infection fixed for you.

  2. No food snacks AND a vet visit? Yikes. Hope your ear heals quickly.

  3. Sonic!
    Sure that dish was delish!
    Ear infections are not funny, right?
    I hope the drops work soon for you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Yummmy! Dad's dish looks nommable!

    We hope your vajayjay ears get better soon! I have the same problem with my ears and it suuuucks!


  5. Your grandma's special dindin looks delicious!
    We hope your ear feels better soon, Sonic.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Your mom is funny. I guess it's hereditary. Hey, I just got back from my Trupanion post. THANK YOU! What an amazing comment you left about me there! I just simply had to thank you as soon as I saw it.
    You're the best! I hope your ear is not bothering you any longer.


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