Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy like Sunday Morning

If it's one good thing about getting humiliated in the Weekly Torture Chamber, it's being able to climb into my Humans' bed. This morning, I got to do just that!

Sunday morning with Momma and me

I don't know... something about the bed just makes it so comfortable. I'm not sure if it's the comfy smell of my Humans, or the softness of their blanket, or the fact that they like to cuddle me a lot when I'm up there, but it's like the best place in the world. Every time I'm up there, I don't really want to leave!

"What? Is it time to get out of bed already?"


  1. Hi Sonic!

    Yeah, staying on Mommy bed is so comfty and cozy, so we hear. Koko was the last pup who was allowed on Mommy's bed.

    We have all become outdoor piappies (well, generally). We must agree though that the only thing we look forward to after bath times and groomies is we are allowed inside the house and sometimes, even on chairs and sofas. We love it too.

    You look so comfty there. Weeeee

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  2. Yes, we know how comfy it is on the human's bed.

  3. Hi, Sonic!
    Yes! The big bed is the best place I know!
    And I am very nice sharing it with my mom!
    Have a great sunday
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I absolutely adored the momma and me photo! So cool how you're facing each other upside down. Nice light, nice feel I got from it. Blow one up :) I did love your other photo too. What a face, Sonic!

  5. I don't blame you, bed is so comfy!

  6. Looks like you need a couple more hours of sleep!

  7. What a cute pic of the sleepyhead Sonic!!!

    We are all jealous because we don't get to sleep in the beds here.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. These are the sweetest pics :-) You look soooooo happy!

  9. Do any of us like to leave bed on Sundays? Not in this house! ::

  10. I miss that bed too~! And you!


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