Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl Monday

Yes you read right: here in Singapore it's Super Bowl Monday because the sun rises earlier here than over there... or something like that. My Pops tried to explain that to me, but it just went into one of my big furry ears and out the other.

The Super Bowl crowd
during the iffy half-time show

Anyway, a whole bunch of friends came around to watch the game, like Uncle Qian (the one that Salinger referred to as "turdley" and another one of you called a "douche"... though you've since changed the comment, whoever you are hahahah!), Uncle Javad, and others that I've not met before.

My first Super Bowl was pretty exciting at first, but it got really boring later on when people stopped showering me with affection and kept staring at the screen. By the fourth quarter, I was snoozing soundly until someone caught an "in-conception" or something. That made everyone want to wake me up with loud cheering.

Saints win! Saints win!

The good news is, the team that Momma and Pops wanted to win actually won! So that's great! Though deep down inside, Pops wanted the Vikings to win. I forgot to tell you guys what happened after they lost to the Saints two weeks ago. Pops was so sad... I've never seen him that sad before! Oh well, the Saints were his second choice at least.

Oh well... now it's time to wait for the next season!


  1. I still maintain that Uncle Q. sounds turdley...especially since he was rooting for the SAINTS (I LIVE in Indy for crying out Pug!)

    How cool to watch the game early on Monday! Did you make it a breakfast party instead of the junk we made for our party????


    Pee S. We're LOL-ing that someone called Uncle Q. a "douche"! That's my human brother Holden's favorite name to call people!

  2. What did you think of the half time show?

    I loved the off side kick!

  3. Hi, Sonic!
    All of them took the day off to watch the game??
    We were happy for the Saints too!
    Kisses and hugs


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