Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new Apple Bed!

The other night, I kinda chewed a hole in my bed cushion, and tore out some of the stuffies inside. My Momma was pretty upset, so she stuffed everything back in and tried to put it back together. It didn't work so well. So two nights ago, she buys me a new Apple Bed! I don't think I've told you guys before, but apples are my all-time favorite fruit snacks. My Pops doesn't like fruits much, but he does like apples, and I think I learned that from him.

Anyway, it was about 10pm when they unwrapped the new bed and gave it to me.

10:00pm, 23rd February, 2010

"Is this really an apple? It doesn't
look or smell like an apple..."

Anyway, I started making the apple bed feel welcomed by tossing it around and roughing with it. I think my old toys like GG and Miss Crab got a bit jealous. Momma was happy with her purchase!

Then this was what she found the next morning after she came out of the shower:

7:30am, 24th February, 2010

Oh no! What happened to my new Apple Bed? It looked like someone has mistaken the apple core for an eye and ripped it open! Momma immediately blamed me, but I tried to tell her that it wasn't me. It was... erm... it was a Doberman! One of those nasty Dobermans broke into our room while she was showering and attacked my new Apple Bed. It probably would've attacked Pops in his sleep and then ambushed Momma too, except that I bravely chased it back out the window.

"It wasn't me, Momma! It was the Doberman!"

I don't think Momma believes me though. If only I could work the flashy box myself, I'd have proof! Then instead of being upset, she'd be proud of my bravery.


  1. You're a hilarious guy, Sonic. I'm sure it wasn't you. Perhaps you should have a pow wow with Dennis the Vizsla and come to an agreement as to the culprit. BOL post, thanks!

  2. Hi Sonic!

    I found your blog through Santa's! Nice to meet you! You got a very cute Apple bed there! Sad that the err...Dobermann thrashed it. *wink* Working with the flashy box thing sure will help next time. Will you teach me when you've mastered it? I need some lessons too..heh!

    Hope you have a great week ahead!


    P/S: Do you mind if I added you to my blog roll? I'd love to! *grins*

  3. They rarely appreciate what we do fur them!

    PeeEssWoo: So furry brave!

  4. Sonic!
    Your new and pawesome apple bed lasted only one night?? Oh-oh!
    That mean Doberman! (Haaa!)
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Oh wow, Sonic, that was a quick job done by the Doberman. Did you get to sleep in your apple bed at all before it was destroyed by the Doberman?

  6. Rut roh, Sonic. Either way this is not good. If it WAS a doberman, you need to find shelter fast, he could be a lot bigger than you. And if it wasn't an intruder, you may have to come up with another excuse. We have had a bed mishap here too - somepup peed on our bed. Now who could possibly have done that?

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. oh my dog! what happened to da new apple bed???

  8. Uh oh Sonic. That sure was a pretty apple bed.

  9. OMG, Mitch would LOVE to have an apple bed like yours, Sonic! That boy loves his apples! Bummer about your bed! What a nasty Dobie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Apple makes a bed now? Is it called the iBed? Can I get apps for it?


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