Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pops' new Stormtrooper shoes

One thing I forgot to mention about Chinese New Year is that it's traditional to get a whole new outfit for when you go around visiting your relatives. Apparently, a new year has to start with new clothes. Pops loves his smelly old pair of skate shoes (which Momma hates), so this is pretty much the only time of the year that he'll get another pair of shoes.

"I don't care if they're Star Wars shoes...
shoes are still shoes, and shoes suck."

This year, Momma surprised him by getting him a pair of Adidas Star Wars shoes! The nasty people at Adidas didn't want to let Momma pre-order or reserve the shoes, so they had to go and queue up at Adidas to get the limited edition Stormtrooper shoes. Pops stood in a line for three hours for those shoes. Ridiculous, right? Who the hell wants to wear shoes anyway? Feeling the ground on your paws and claws is such a nice feeling.

Pops and the Stormtrooper

They actually got the shoes about a month ago, but Pops was not allowed to wear them until Chinese New Year came around. So all this time, they've been sitting in the packaging. I tried them on when my Humans wasn't around, but they didn't really fit my paws. Besides, they only come in a set of two. As silly as I look with shoes on,  I'd look even dumber if I only wore two.

Silly humans and their shoes...


  1. I didn't really see it until the Stormtrooper was holding them but they DO look like Stormtrooper helmets!

  2. What kind of shoes did they make you wear, Sonic? They almost looked like candy canes.

  3. Oh no...I can't tell my dad they make SW shoes!


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