Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brady disappoints Momma

For the last few days, my humans have been really hyped about the big football game between Momma's favorite team the Patriots and the team with Pops' fantasy football champion QB, the Saints. It's supposed to be Monday Night Football, but because we live in Singapore it becomes Tuesday Morning Football, and because my humans have work and school and stuff, they have to record it and watch it in the evening. Normally, they'd avoid using the computer and the Internet to stop themselves from finding out the results, but yesterday Momma accidentally opened her email over lunch and saw the results of the game!

She was soooooooo upset! When she got home, her face was all sad and I did my very best to cheer her up with face-licks and hugs. We watched the game anyway, because Pops and Aunt Mainey managed not to find out the results. Even though she knew that the Patriots will lose, Momma still supported her team, as if her sheer willpower can change history. She cheered every time Tom Brady completed a pass, and still insisted that I refer to him as my "other Pops".

Me and my "other Pops"
Me and my "other Pops"

Pops on the other hand, was ecstatic that Drew Brees threw a perfect game to help him win his Fantasy Football game. His joy died down very quickly when Momma told him that he should get comfortable on the couch, because he's gonna end up sleeping there.

During the game, my humans were munching on some fruits, and I really wanted some! I was a big naughty though, because every time Momma gave me a bit, I'd nibble on it a little and then ask for another one. She got upset and stopped giving me fruits after a while, but I think it was because she's taking out her football anger out on me.

Begging for fruits
Pops says that Xbox back there is older than me!

During the game, I got a bit iffy that my humans weren't showing me enough attention, so I snuck into their bedroom and left a Golden Offering beside their bed. My half-time show was watching Pops clean up my pee! That was fun, but then Momma got really upset and sent me to my room.

Hiew hiew...


  1. We don't watch football anymore -

    Mom used to be a Philadelphia E***** fan but they signed 'HIM'

    The more Mom thought about 'it' she realised the N** should not have let 'him' bakhk in -


  2. That's so true. It's so gross that they'd let him back in after what he did.

    Humans are so crazy stupid sometimes.


  3. Hi, Sonic!
    My mom felt the same way!
    Kisses and hugs


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