Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to the vet

It's terrible... but my ear started getting all itchy again. I had to see a vet about it a couple of months ago, and then the itchiness went away but it's come back again. And I hate it! I hate that feeling, and it makes me just want to rub my ears into the ground.

Anyway, my Momma was stuck at work so Pops took me to the vet. He's never been to this one, and he didn't know that I've been here with Momma and Grandma before. He probably thought he could trick me into going to the vet. But my memory's awesome and I recognized the place immediately. Heck, my nose could pick up the smell of vet! So I started whining and pleading with him not to take me there, but he did anyway. Hiew hiew hiew...

Inside the vet, I saw this awesome looking husky! It was like Khyra, or the guys from the OP Pack, but much smaller. It was a little puppy husky, and even though it was half my age, it was still twice my size. Geez you huskies are big!

The really expensive Husky
Husky Puppy!

The lady at the vet told us that the puppy belonged to a dog-crazy family, and they bought the puppy for $8000! I don't use money so I'm not sure what that means exactly, but my Pops told me that it's about the same as 18 Xbox 360's. Pops love his Xbox, so that must mean it's A LOT.

There was also this cat there, but I think it was the vet's cat so I was too afraid to chase it around (though I really really really wanted to). If I caught it and bullied it, the vet will probably stick some fat needle in my eye or cut my tail off or something.

The Vet cat

I think the cat knew that I wasn't allowed to go near and bully it, so it totally just laughed at me from atop its cage. Even if they're not agents of the Evil Dobermans, cats are still annoying!

After that, it was time to go see the vet, and I was sooooo scared. Whenever Pops put me on the table, I'd just jump and try to climb back into his arms. I hate that table. Bad things happen on that table. It smells of death, medicine, and cats. He stuck little white stick things into my ear, and told my Pops that we needed to clean my ears more because the yeast infection is back. That's sucky.

Anyway, after that my Pops took me home, and I whimpered all the way in the car. Hiew hiew hiew!

PS Sorry for the lousy pictures. My Pops was having a hard time taking photos since I was tugging on the leash and trying to escape.

PPS Oh, and congrats to our favorite sausage dog from Mexico Lorenza. She recently won an award from Brutus' blog, and her prize was a picture drawn of her by Lili Chin. That's so awesome! Click here to see the pic at Lorenza's blog.


  1. Tank woo fur sharing that pawesome Siberian puppy!

    That is a lot of green papers!!! Mom's head is spinning more than it usually does!

    Woo are furry smart to think that about the VET's khat!

    Sorry your ears were itchy and buggin' woo but now woo know what has to be done!


  2. Hi, Sonic!
    Yes, that is a lot of money! Well... my mom says so!
    Visits to the Vet scare me a lot too! My Vet is very nice and he takes good care of me but.... I don't like to visit him!
    I used to have those ear problems and now my mom is always looking into them!
    I am very happy with my drawing!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Glad you've got the vet visit behind you for now. Hope your ears are better now.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. We saw Lorenza's beautiful gift at Brutus's blog! It's just awesome!
    We don't like the vet either, Sonic!
    Our paws are crossed that your ears feel better soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Nice to meetcha Sonic! You are adorable! I LOVE the profile picture. Thanks for stopping by. Hardly an accident. Khyra is a friend of ours too. You have a cute blog. If you send me a high resolution picture I can make an ornament for Sonic. Or a picture of your mom's pug and you can get her an ornament.

  6. That Husky puppy is beautiful! But we think you are super cute too:D. Sorry you don't like the Vet too much. Freya loves it--she's a weird dog. She also doesn't care if it rains or not either.

    Thank you for visiting our blog.


  7. Oh Sonic sorry about the v.e.t., we have ear googies too so we sympathize.

    Wow just imagine how many bully sticks we could buy with $8000. Probably like a trillazillion or something.

    Bobo and Meja

  8. Hi Sonic!

    Thanks for visiting our blog we love making new friends.

    Sorry to hear about your ear and having to go to the V-E-T... our pawrents always spell it out but duh!?!? We know what it is... sigh...

    Hope you don't have to take too much medicine... Have you tried eating yogurt? Our mom gives it to us for the good bacteria (of course she checked with our vet before she gave it to us).

    Paws-out new pal
    Nellie & Calvert

  9. That WAS one handsome sibe puppy you saw there. We don't like going to the vet either, but sometimes it is just one of those things that we have to do. Sorry about your ear problem. Sometimes it can be from a food allergy, maybe you could try a different dog food. Hope the itchies go away, that's not fun at all.

    Woos,the OP Pack


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