Monday, December 7, 2009

My trip to town

Bright lights
Check out the bright lights of the city

So like I promised yesterday, here are a bunch of photos of my trip to town. Khyra mentioned that it was weird to see shorts in Christmas, but snow and cold weather are two things I've never seen before in Singapore. Not even during Christmas! It's always hot hot hot and hot over here, and a big furry dog like Khyra (a husky) will MELT here! Good thing there are those freezy cold air boxes all around!

So here we are in Orchard Road, Singapore's busiest shopping area. Aunt Mainey was working the closing shift at her book store, so my Momma and Pops decided to take me to town for a walk and surprise Aunt Mainey. The lights were so pretty! It was like, daytime, except at night. And in the city, the fruits in the trees can glow! That's so awesome. I wonder if I'll glow too if I eat them.

Speaking of trees, there was one mega-huge tree in front of a mall. It was like the size of a hundred St Bernards! That's really massive! And it was covered in sparkly fruits too, though these ones didn't glow.

Sonic and the tree

Big Christmas tree

I also learnt something about a guy called "Santa Paws" who visits all the good little puppies and brings them gifts during Christmas. I hope I get to meet him, because he sounds like a really cool guy. I did meet his friend Rudolph though, who is Santa's favorite reindeer (reindeers are animals that can fly and pull shopping carts). Pops told me before that Rudolph is a guy, but when I met Rudolph he was putting red stuff on his lips, just like what Momma does! Isn't that a girly thing?

Rudolph the cross-dressing reindeer

I got to do lots of other cool stuff too, like watching a band perform music, and sniffing garbage cans in town. Even the garbage in the city smells more exciting than the bins near our home.

Watching a band
Listening to some live music

Smelly garbage
Smells exciting!

Oh, and it was so crowded in the city. You couldn't walk a few steps without bumping into some random human's ankles. I was afraid some of the bigger humans were going to step on me and squish my tail or something! Everyone was rushing around like they were really excited about something. The pretty lights, I guess.

And there were a lot of human puppies too! The human puppies all thought I was really cute, and all of them wanted to pet and hug me. Ah well, I guess I am pretty cute, you know? After that we finally met up with Aunt Mainey, who was pleasantly surprised to see me after a long day at work.

Human puppies 2
Me and a human puppy fan

Human puppies 1

Aunt Mainey

Together with Aunt Mainey, we went to visit some of Momma's favorite shops. I wasn't allowed inside the malls because I'm too cute and I'd cause a human puppy stampede or something, so we could only look at the windows outside.



But what trip to the Great Outside would be complete without some Golden Offering pwnage? The first city-thing I got to pwn was a bush outside a bookstore (but not Aunt Mainey's bookstore). From there I got to pwn a big metal pole with bright lights, and lots of other bushes. I wasn't allowed to pwn any human puppies, bins, or shop windows, unfortunately.

Sonic's first town pwnage
My first town pwnage

Traffic light
The metal pole with the bright lights

More pwnage
One more before I head home!

So that's my big exciting outing! I'm going to find out more about this whole Christmas thing, and I'll let you guys know what I find out.


  1. HaRooooo!

    Yes, what would we Siberian Husky types do without the Husky Khold Air Machines!?!

    I'm not sure if I turn into a hooman or not - I hope not fur I really like being a khanine!

    Tank woo fur showing us the sights!


  2. Hi, Sonic!
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures of your great time there!
    With all those offerings... everyone is going to know you were there!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. OMG, we always thought Rudolph was a boy too, Sonic!
    We love all of the Christmas lights! They're so pretty!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Wow...we had no idea that Rudolph was a drag queen either!!! Innnnteresting!

    I love all the window shopping you did!

    Salinger The Pug

  5. Hello - Thanks so much for visiting us.
    You are super-adorable Sonic, and such a busy little thing out and about!!
    We are following now so we can keep up with all your adventures!!
    Hope you enjoyed the sausage sandwich and cold beer at our tea party :-)
    Karen & Patsy

  6. Wow, Sonic, your town sure is pretty this time of year! I really enjoyed the pictures. I have to say Rudolph as a woman was kind of disconcerting to me.

    Happy Holidays!


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