Friday, December 11, 2009

My morning routine

I have a pretty regular routine in the mornings. Every morning, I'll wake up at about 6am, and then lounge around for about 10-15 mins till I hear one of two things: my humans waking up, or that beeping thing that wakes my Momma up (but somehow only my Momma, and not my Pops). When I hear this stuff, then I'll start whining for attention (I've learnt that whining before these noises doesn't do anything).

At this point, Momma will wake up and play with me a bit, before getting ready for work. She'll take a shower, do her hair (sometimes with that scary noisy hairdryer thing) and put stuff on her face. I'll hang out in the bathroom with her for a while, and usually I'll drag my toys like GG and Miss Crab in here with me. Sometimes though, they leave their clothes on the floor and I'll snuggle into them and then have a good chew (though Momma hates it when I chew up her dresses).

Around 7-ish, I'll get a bit bored and try to wake Pops up. Pops isn't as easy to wake up as Momma, and I'll have to whine and whine and hiew-hiew for at least 20 minutes before he gets up. Sometimes, if his arms or legs dangle over the bed, I'll go and nibble those and it usually helps.

After Pops wakes up, he'll take me downstairs and out to the garden when I can check if the Evil Cat or the Squirrels are around, and then leave my Golden Offerings to keep them away. Momma then comes down for a quick breakfast, and then comes my favorite part: THE CAR RIDE! Pops drives Momma to the train station every morning, and I get to go along with them. 

I don't have any new pictures of the car ride now, but you can check some old pics here. I love getting wind in my face!

After that, I come home with my Pops and he'll get ready for class, and then when he goes off I can write my morning blog post.

And that's how I start my days. Except a couple of times a week, when my humans don't need to go to work and stuff, and then they sleep in till really late. I hate those days. I like playing in the mornings!


  1. Hey Sonic!
    I'm with you - it's our job to make sure the humans get up on time! I loved listening to all your cute noises! Great variety in the vocalization there buddy (coming from a Frenchie, that's really a compliment)!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Hi, Sonic!
    My mom does all those things too (except for the hairdryer!) in the morning but... I stay on the bed until she is ready to go to work! She even has to drag me out of the bed!
    I loved your video! Sure Pops loves when you come to wake him up!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Your video is award-winning!! My hardworking assistant Patsy talks just like that too!!

  4. I khan't believe your Pops won't immediately snap to attention fur woo!

    Tank woo fur sharing the video!


  5. Aww...that's a great video! Sonic is so cute!!

  6. Cool video!
    Your morning routine sounds great:)

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  7. When knuckles cant wake me, he chews my things. He chewed my new phone........


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