Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Tails the dog

It's Tails the dog!

As I told you guys in the previous post, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen have adopted a new doggy! His name is Tails, and he's a Maltese/something mix. We know he's got Maltese in him for sure, but the something else is something we're not so sure about. It's definitely not Silky, cos Tails doesn't look quite like us.

Tails is a bit shy and anti-social at the moment, because he had a pretty rough childhood. His previous family had another dog that fought with Tails a lot, so they kept Tails cooped up in a little cage all the time and didn't show him much love and attention. In fact, his teeth are so bad that he can't even eat properly, and he's only a year old!

Tails doesn't have our curly head hair

Now Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen have adopted Tails, and they'll definitely look after him the way a dog should be looked after. Already, Knuckles is showing Tails how to behave in a family of loving humans. But if you ask me, Knuckles is NOT the best role model in the world because he's insane!

Knuckles: insanely cute

Anyway, I hope to be able to meet Tails soon, and play with him lots and lots.


  1. I'm sure woo will welkhome him warmly!


  2. What a cutie!! Tails looks a little like our friend Libby who is maltese/bichon frise!
    I'm a always happy to hear of a mistreated doggy adopted into a loving home :-)

  3. We are so happy for Tails now that he has found a loving home. Thanks to Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Gen.

  4. Next time you see your aunties give them a kiss from us, ok?
    they are soooo nice giving Tails the happy life he deserves!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Poor Tails, it might take some time but we bet he will become a very sweet and loving pup.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


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