Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Big Day Out

Yesterday was a really nice day! Firstly, my Pops foolishly went to school not realizing that his term break starts this week. After that, he came back and scooped me up into his car for a car ride!

We went all the way over to the East side (but not East enough to visit Knuckles and Tails) and met up with Uncle Aaron's momma, who was delivering some presents for Pops and Momma all the way from Australia. The presents were in really big boxes, and I was so excited about what could be hiding underneath. Maybe it's something I can chew!

After that we headed back out West to visit Uncle Javad. When we got there, Uncle Javad was in the middle of a boss fight in something called World of Warcraft. When Momma does craft, that means she's knitting a scarf or painting some bookmarks. I thought maybe Uncle Javad was sewing a chew toy for me, but he was just at his computer yelling "stack, you morons!" I don't know what that means.

Even though it was a new place for me, I behaved myself and decided not to leave any Golden Offerings in Uncle Javad's room.

But he did take me out for a walk around his front yard, and I got to sniff and smell lots of crazy new things... and then pee-pee on them.

Uncle Javad's place was pretty big, so it was awesome to walk up and down, and pee on so many new things. There was even this garbage bag that smelled so much, I had to pee not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES on it in a row. Remember, doggy friends: there's no such thing as over-kill... only caution! 

Third time's a charm!

Then I did poopy in the grass, and Uncle Javad said I had "dingleberries". Now I have no idea what he meant by that, but my butt sure felt icky. Maybe dingleberries are funny plants in the grass that makes your butt feel icky. The humans quickly got me back inside, where my Pops wiped my butt down with some wet tissues.

After that, we played DJ Hero for a bit in Uncle Javad's room. Uncle Javad didn't have an Xbox though. Instead, he had something that looked like a black and fat DVD player. Oh well...

Now DJ Hero is fun! Most of my Pops' games is played on those controllers that are anything BUT dog-friendly, or on those plastic drum sets and guitars that are just way too big for me. But DJ Hero is something even a dog could play, so I recommend that you guys start barking at your humans and asking them to get you DJ Hero. I hope Santa Paws gets me one next year!

Then it was time to leave, but I suddenly spotted something outside Uncle Javad's room. It was something they called a "Possum Pelt". Now I've never met a Pelt before, but it definitely looked sneaky. After all, it was crouched in hiding on a handrail, keeping all silent and stuff. When something furry is keeping still and quiet, that means it's got something to hide and is up to no good... like a cat!

After the Pelt scare, Pops and I went home and I just snoozed all the way! That was a fun adventure! The Beagle from down the road told me that a really really old human once said: "I came. I sniffed. I peed."

That pretty much sums up my day.


  1. hello sonic its dennis the vizsla dog hay they say diskreshun is the better part of valor so that wuz verry wel dun!!! ok bye

  2. Hi, Sonic!
    Sure you had a busy day!
    Pees, poos, pelts! Hmmm...
    Kisses and hugs

  3. What a big day - too many things happened! You will need all day tomorrow to sleep this off :-)

  4. Dude...I need a NAP just reading this!!!

    Dingleberries!!! HAHAHAHAA!!!! That's what mom and dad call those net ball things that you use in the shower (named after what they REALLY are!).

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!


    Pee S. Since you're in Singapore...mom wants to know if you're familiar with "Roti buns" (she thinks that's what they're called!). Her best friend went to Korea last summer and had them there and mom did a lot of googling and found a recipe and made them for her! They are CRAZY good!!!!


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