Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wind in your face

Car Rides. Car rides are fuuuuuuuun! There's nothing I like better than to go cruising along in my Pops' car, with my head sticking out the window, just enjoying the ride. If it's something I've noticed about the humans in my town, they don't really like to put their heads out the window. They prefer to put the windows up and hide inside with all the airconditioning. I guess it's pretty hot and humid out there, but still. There's a beagle song that the Beagle from down the road taught me about car rides.

Have you ever felt the wind upon your furry face?
Or watched the humans stare at you and grin?
Can you howl with all the voices of the mountains?
Can you fart with all the flavors of the wind?
I can fart with all the flavors of the wind!

I love that wind in my face!

I usually ride in the car in the mornings when Pops sends Momma to the train station, and then again in the evening when Pops picks Momma up from the station. Once a week I get to go further out to pick Knuckles up and go to school with him. I get really excited when I can see Knucks. My humans don't understand why I get so jumpy and excited when we get near his home, because they think that a puppy can't read street signs or street directories. But it's the smell! I recognize the smell!

There's usually two ways I ride in the car. Usually Momma's in the car, so she'll wind down the window and let me stick my face out while she holds me. This is where things get a bit confusing sometimes. Momma likes to say that she'll always look after me and support me and stuff, but when I step on her to get a better view of the outside, she complains that I scratch her up and that I'm heavy. Bah! Humans... all talk.

Nap time!

When Momma's not in the car, it probably means that it's just Pops and me. I'm not big enough to look out the window by myself yet, and Pops is always too busy spinning that big wheel. So this normally means nap time for me. I'll just shift around the seat and try to get comfortable, and sometimes Pops will stroke my head and back when we're stopped at the Funny Colored Lights. It's so comfortable, one time I fell asleep on his hand!

My makeshift pillow

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