Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Dog Knight

Recently, Aunt Mainey went to Warner Bros Movie World in the Gold Coast, and she bought only one souvenir for us... and it was for me, because she loves me so! We just got the package last night, so Momma and Pops quickly opened it up to see what it was.

Batman costume

It's a little t-shirt with this logo of a bat on it. My Pops said it was the Batman logo, and Batman is this human that dresses up like a bat and then goes out and beats bad guys up. Sounds a bit weird, if you ask me, but apparently humans do that stuff.


I guess Aunt Mainey is helping me defeat the evil forces of the Evil Cat and the Stalker Squirrels. With this new outfit, I'm not just fighting them with brute force and loud barking, but also a symbol to strike fear into their hearts. Woof! Or maybe she's just saying that I have big ears... I'm not sure.

Anyway, as my first order of business, I sat down and watched Some Kind of Wonderful with Momma and Pops. The humans in this movie are dressed really funny... with big shoulders and stuff. Like football players, except without the helmet and tights.

Batdog watching Some Kind of Wonderful


  1. aww sonic you look so adorable with your batman Tee on!

  2. Oh gosh! Nice tee! Love it totally! Look really great on you!

    Chichi & Wawa


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