Friday, October 9, 2009

My trip to the Botanic Gardens

Today, Aunt Jol came over to visit after lunch. She had some exam or something, which she passed, so that's pretty cool. We played a bit, and I got a little bit too rough and messed up her hair. But what's really awesome is that my humans decided to take me out to the Botanic Gardens, which is this mega huge park where I can run all around and stuff.

It's like chewing on stringy bathroom mats.

So we all got into the car together, and took off to the park. I usually ride in the front with Momma, but today I got to sit with Aunt Jol in the back seat. It's roomier in the back seat, and I have more space to shift and move around... but I guess it's not really as comforting as snuggling up to Momma... although she did look a bit glad to have more space to herself.


When we parked the car, I was so excited and couldn't wait any longer, so I peed on the nearest pillar. They took me into the big grassy field, and I ran around and around and around. I also saw a squirrel in a tree. I swear I've seen that squirrel before! Sometimes when I'm sitting around at home, I can see him staring at me through the window. When I look around at him, he scurries away. Omigod... it's a Stalker Squirrel!

The Stalker Squirrel!

You know what's the main difference between running in the park and running at home? The ground! When I run at home, the floor is all slippery and smooth, so I always end up sliding around and I can't excellerate accelerate much at all. But in the park, I can really kick it into hyper speed and just zoom all over! It's so awesome, I peed into a flower while thinking about it on the way to the field.

There were a bunch of other people there too, including a bunch of little human puppies on some sorta school trip. They were all wearing uniforms that made them all look the same... you know, like poodles and their ridiculous fur. A couple of them came up to me, but they smelled funny and I ran away from them.

Speaking of running, I'm like so totally fast. Like, really fast. Faster than a chihuahua falling out of a handbag. My Pops and Aunt Jol tried to keep up with me while I was running around, but they couldn't catch up with me at all.

After a while though, I must've run through a patch of ants or something, because those little bugs started crawling around in my paws and my fur. It was really really irritating! I tried to bite them off, but those tiny little jerks were really good at hiding in all the hard to reach places. Luckily, Momma and Aunt Jol noticed how uncomfortable I was, so they helped me pick out all those nasty ants. Honestly... you can't trust anything with more than four legs.

Momma and Aunt Jol gets rid of those nasty ants.

After the whole ant thing, Momma didn't want me running around so much anymore, just in case my fur gets invaded by bugs again. So they started lazing around on the picnic blanket to soak up the fresh air... leaving me with nothing to do! I wanted to go running around again, but Momma just wanted me to snuggle with her and chill. So I followed my puppy instincts and sulked in the corner.

Big dogs don't cry. They just sulk.

No seriously... what?

After sulking for a while, I finally relented and went over to play with Momma and Aunt Jol. But I think that sitting under the sun kinda fried their brains a bit, because they went really nuts. They were just acting really weird, and snapping photos of themselves doing weird poses and laughing like crazy people. I tried to get away, but I got swooped up by their craziness.

Help! My humans have gone crazy!

At the end of the day, we packed up and went home. This post is getting insanely long, so I'll just dump the other photos after the jump.

All set to go!

Ain't nothing as sweet as wind in your face.

Humans are so slow...

A dog's point of view.

Me and my loving family.

Hey! I'm not your footrest!

I love you, Momma!

Dogzilla... roar!

Even when it's not intentional, Aunt Jol
always ends up sneaking into all the photos.

Sometimes, I still find it hard to believe
that I'm not the cutest dog in the world.

What are you looking at, old man?

The pretty flowers of the park.

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