Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Football? More like Dog-ball!

Lately, Momma and Pops have been watching a lot of football on TV. It's this sport where a bunch of humans chase after a ball and then jump on each other. Basically, they're pretending to be dogs... so why is it called football when it should be called dog-ball instead?

Anyway, last night Momma and Pops just watched their favorite teams win in their games. Momma says it's not a big deal for her team (The Patriots) because they win all the time and the quarterback is super-duper handsome, but for Pops it's a huge deal because his team is always the "under-dog team" so to start the season with a 6-0 record is surprising.

Now I understand the concept of the term "under-dog"... I just don't like it. I mean, why should a loser team be called the under-dog team? Do humans think that dogs are losers? I think that's a nasty term that demeans dogs, and we should totally change it. From now on, all loser teams will be known as "under-cat teams".

Like the Detroit Lions. Now there's a loser under-cat team hahahaha! Why would you want to name your team after a big cat? After all, a big cat is still a cat. Well, name your team after a cat and it's no surprise that you've only won one game all season!

Anyway, Pops says that this is the year that the Vikings are going to go all the way. He said that in his Xbox game, his videogame Vikings clashed with the videogame Patriots in the Superbowl, so that's his prediction for this season. What's a "Superbowl"? It sounds pretty awesome though... I think it's going to be this massive bowl filled with all the best dog food and dog treats you could ever want! Like Scooby snacks, ziggies, and scraps of human food that drop off the dinner table.


  1. You are very cute Sony. What breed are you? What size are you going to be as an adult? You are very sweet right now.I could kiss you all day long. Hope you'll be the same cute little toy as an adult too.

  2. Hi Brindusa!

    I'm a cross between a Silky and a Maltese terrier, so my humans call me Silkese. I don't think I'll grow much more than this, and Momma complains that I'm getting too heavy to carry... so I do hope I stay small and cute so everyone will love me forever and ever!


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