Saturday, October 3, 2009

Knuckles' day at the beach

I really hate this ear infection thing. This morning, Momma and Pops went with Knuckles, Aunt Jol and Uncle Nicky to some new place called "the beach". I wanted to go too, but Momma said that I can't go because it might make my ear infection worse. So while everyone went out, I got to stay home and sulk.

Shortly after lunch, everyone came back and Knuckles was like covered in sand. He looked pretty scraggy, and got whisked away into the Bathroom Torture Chamber. But when he got out, he started bragging about how he got to run around in a big pit of sand, and even go swimming! Swimming's like, going into the water and kicking and splashing around. He said his feet couldn't touch the ground! I dunno... it sounds pretty scary to me.

Knuckles, Aunt Jol, and Momma

Knuckles and Aunt Jol

Hmph... I'd look happy and relaxed too
if *I* got to go to the beach

Then he told me about how Pops and Uncle Nicky threw Piggy the Football around, and he got to run and chase after Piggy. Needless to say, Knuckles also got to pee on a lot of new places, and I got pretty jealous. I pretended not to be interested, but he just kept talking about the beach and saying how exciting it is and how it's the most fun ever... I told him to shut up again, but he didn't. So I made him.

I might not have any experience swimming, and I might have this stupid ear infection, but I can still tackle harder and pin Knuckles down to remind him who's the older brother.

If the day wasn't lousy enough, everyone went out without me again! It was some moon festival thing at Lancelot the Cat's place, and I think everyone was invited except for me. Because of that stupid ear infection again. As if it's not bad enough that I get cotton sticks shoved into my ears every night, but now I'm snubbed for all the social events. At least Knuckles didn't come back to brag some more that night.

When Momma and Pops got back, I think they were feeling pretty guilty for not taking me out. Momma brought me these funny glowing things to cheer me up. I guess they were pretty cool. Pops explained to me that blue was for the color of my namesake (some hedgehog thing. Yeah, that's right... a hedgehog and not a dog. Humans have weird naming habits), and the yellow glowing ring represented the golden rings that hedgehogs collect. Cool, but not cool enough.

I want to go to the beach too!

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