Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Staying home with Momma

For the last few weeks, Momma's been able to stay at home a lot to play with me. I LOVE IT! Normally, she has to go to work in the morning, and then only play with me when Pops and I pick her up from the train station in the evening, but this routine has changed lately. It's great!

We get to chill at home, watch TV, practice my new tricks (I know how to stand by her side and run around her now!) and nap! Not only that, but she's been taking me out for walks almost every day. It's so awesome!

Lemme take you through an average walk. First, we head out to the gate, and Momma makes me sit and wait patiently first (I'm not allowed to run outside without permission). Then when I behave myself, she opens the little gate and I can go outside.

Waiting for Momma to open the gate.

The start of a new adventure!

Usually we go for a little round, but since I've started going on regular walks I've been getting stronger so we can walk further around the block. I get to sniff stuff, meet other dogs (there are so many dogs in this neighborhood... including this big dog named Parker that's ten times my weight!). My favorite part is when I sniff some messages and notes that other dogs leave in the grass and trees, and then if I'm well-behaved, Momma will let me leave a reply. It's like emailing, except liquid!

Walking around the Great Outside is such an exciting time. I get to feel the wind in my face, breathe in the fresh air, and I get to poop anywhere I want! I mean, if I see a patch of grass that I don't like, I can just hop onto it and leave a few hot nuggets, or when I have more time, I can even squeeze out a hot sausage. I feel so libral libeara liberat free to do anything!

There's one big problem with walking though: the big hill at the end of the journey. Because our home is near the top of a hill, the end of a walk usually involves going up that big hill. And if Momma thinks that its tough for her long legs to climb that hill... imagine what it takes for my little legs to climb it!

The view from the bottom of the hill

But I still love my walks though. I hope Momma will keep taking me out everyday. I love my Momma soooooo much!

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