Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Official Golden Shower Tree and more!

Last weekend, Momma and Pops wanted to take me to West Coast Park to run around. However, Pops took a wrong turn on a road somewhere, and we ended up at Kent Ridge Park instead. Still, it's not too bad, because it was really, really high up! We spent ages in the car just winding up and up this big hill, and when we got there the view was soooooo sweet!

I'm on top of the world!

There was also this big tank there. I've marked lots of cars before, but never a tank! I just went over to the tank treads, lifted my leg and peed. It was so awesome! I hope that one of these days, I get to pwn a giant transforming robot or something.

Me and the tank
Pops and me, with the soon-to-be pwned tank

Okay, maybe I wasn't supposed to pee on the tank, but I saw this tree that totally invited me to pee on it. The sign on it said it was a "Cassia Fistula" and that it was also known as a Golden Shower tree. Ah well, gotta do what the sign says, right?

Golden Shower tree
The Golden Shower Tree

But you know what the worst thing about going to a high place is? All those damned stairs! I mean, whoever designed this park was obsessed with stairs! It was like he hated ramps and stuff. Maybe he thinks he's the Stair-Master or something. But anyway, there were a lot of stairs, and after about two flights, Momma and I were pretty tired already.

Stairs 1

Stairs 2

I tell you, climbing the stairs made my humans and me really tired. So we decided to quit, and just stayed at the top of the hill. We found this tree-top walkway, and it was really cool. It was like a bunch of walkways near the tree tops, and you can just walk around. There were a lot of flying bugs though, so Momma ran away. Momma had a bunch of bad experiences with a lot of bugs flying into her face. It's okay though, cos I totally protected her from the bugs with my awesome cuteness.

Momma and Me
Protecting Momma from the flying bugs

So we got ready to go home, as the sun was so hot and I was baking under my fur. On the way back, we saw some human puppies celebrating someone's birthday! Birthday parties look like tons of fun, so I can't wait till next year when I can celebrate my birthday too. Momma has promised me a yummy birthday cake!

Human Puppies


  1. Hi, Sonic!
    Pawesome walkie but I agree with you... too many stairs!!!
    My mom had a good laugh with that "golden shower"
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Thanks Lorenza!

    How is your Internet connection? Does this mean it's fixed now?


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