Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Garden fun

Now that I'm not so young and fragile anymore, my Humans have been regularly taking me out to the garden for me to run around and leave Golden Offerings on Grandma's plants. While I'm out here, I can also sniff out the Evil Cat's pee, and then pee over it. I'm telling you, that cat sure gets around!

They let me out in the mornings before they head out to work/school, and again when they get back. And after meals too. It's a pretty good routine, and I love it!

The garden is not as big as the park that I went to the other week, but it's got that nice green grass stuff and I can run around and around without slipping and sliding. It's sweet, and it's got this nice breeze and I can stick my face out and get some wind in the face. It's not as nice as the wind I get during my car rides, but it's like a gentler, more relaxing version.

There's also a rocky path that I have to be careful while crossing... those pebbles might hurt my paw if I'm not too careful, I think. It's pretty dangerous looking, but luckily I'm a brave dog and I'm awesome enough to hop from stepping stone to stepping stone. Just to remind this pebbly path who's the boss, I pwned it with some poop.

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