Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner with Knuckles!

Last Wednesday night, my humans took me to Grandmother's place for dinner, so I got to play with Knuckles again.

I got a little bit naughty tonight, because I was just too distracted by all the people and Knuckles that I wasn't interested at all in my dinner. Momma got a bit upset that I wasn't eating, and she and Aunt Jol tried to make me eat by hand-feeding me, sitting with me, and a whole lot of other ways. I was just too distracted to care though.

Someone had an idea to make use sibling rivalry to make me eat, by putting my food in the playpen together with Knuckles so that we'd both fight for the food just because we're brothers and brothers fight over everything. Knuckles had no issue with food, and quickly gobbled up my dinner as I stood by and watched.

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So the plan didn't work that well, and they put Knuckles outside the playpen. He just kept pawing and pawing at the food though. Knuckles is one hungry dog!!! I don't know where all that food goes... I guess he works it off by being so crazy and jumping everywhere all the time.

Knuckles reaching for food

After dinner, Uncle Nicky, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Geneveeve Geneva Genievef Gen-Gen played a card game called "Monopoly Deal" with Pops, Aunt Jol and Aunt Jol's boyfriend Andrew (same name as my Pops! I guess it's a popular name for humans, like how "Lucky" is a popular name for dogs). I don't know what kinda game it is, but it looked pretty boring. Knuckles and I just watched them, and tried to figure out what they were doing.

Watching the humans

They sat around a table and started putting the cards down. Sometimes they'd pick cards up, and sometimes they'd trade cards. It's SO BORING! No wonder my Pops was getting frustrated. I think he wasn't very good at it, because he kept groaning and everyone would laugh at him.

I have a better idea for how to play the game. You can just toss all the cards on the floor, and then Knuckles and I can chew them to shreds! That'd be awesome. I'll call it "Monopoly Chew!" It'll be just like Poker-Chew, Snap-Chew and Uno-Chew, except with different colored chew-cards. I should be a game designer. I think I have great ideas for fun games.

It'd be so much more fun to chew these to shreds!

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  1. Hi, Sonic!
    I can see you are a fuzzy eater!
    There is nothing in this world that distracts me from my food!
    My family plays that Monopoly game! Yes, it is boring!
    Kisses and hugs


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