Friday, September 25, 2009

Meeting new friends!

I started this evening with a big shock. Normally, Pops would take me for an evening drive to pick Momma up from the station. Imagine my surprise when instead of leading me to the car, he put me back into the playpen! I was so confused, so I whined and whined, but Pops just left without me. I sat in my playpen and hiew-hiewed for a while, thinking about how much better life was when I was the cutest dog in the world.

Later in the evening, Momma and Pops came home and I realized that Pops had gone to the groomer cos his hair was much shorter, like mine! Then after dinner, they took me for a walk in the Great Outside, where I made some new friends! Unfortunately Pops' phone was out of batteries, so I didn't get any photos of my adventures.

The first dogs I bumped into were the Hill-Bottom Twins. Well, I didn't really bump into them because they're always stuck behind a big gate. The Hill-Bottom Twins are these two big dogs that keep barking and barking whenever anyone, human or dog, walks past their yard at the bottom of the hill. They're pretty scary, and if it wasn't for the big gate keeping them in, I'd go the long way around them because I don't think even Pops can fight them off. Luckily there's that gate, so I feel safe enough to leave my mark on the trees outside.

Just past the scary house, we saw a big leggy dog named Tess. Tess has these really really long legs, like the humans in Momma's girly magazines. But I remember the most is her weezing. It's quite creepy the way she breathes loudly, as if she's either going to attack me or have a heart attack. But her human said it's normal for her, so I dared to sniff her butt.

Around the corner, we bumped into another older lady dog, except this one was around my size. Her name is Cotton, and she's so white and fluffy. I think she can fly, because I've seen big fluffy white things like her floating in the sky before. She didn't fly tonight though... probably because she gets her flying powers from the sun's energy.

After Cotton left, I bumped into yet another two dogs. This time, it was a couple named Cocoa and Chewy. They were these two tiny yapping chihuahuas, and Ive never seen dogs so small before. They're like the size of GG my toy Giraffe! I think I must've really gotten Chewy jealous or something, because he wasn't too happy about me chatting to his girlfriend.  Little guy kept growling at me the whole time. It's kinda funny, really. Little yap dogs hahahaha!
Then I finally got home. I almost made it around the block, but I needed Momma to carry me around the last corner. I hope I don't catch cooties from meeting so many girl dogs.

Crap!!! Momma just found the Golden Offerings I left next to her bed. I have to go hide!

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