Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm getting so big and strong!

So here I was, sitting in my play pen and basking in my own cuteness when I started chewing on Mr Elephant, a toy that I haven't chewed on for a while. It was then that a thought popped into my furry little puppy head: I've really grown and things are changing! Mr Elephant was the first proper toy I ever got, and he is so much smaller now than I remember him to be. I looked over to Leo the Leopard and even though I've only had him for a few months, even he's starting to feel smaller.

I started thinking about how things are changing in my life... obviously size was the biggest change. My toys are getting smaller, and I'm able to fling them higher and further. One time, I managed to throw GG the Giraffe onto my humans' bed! I'm also unable to squeeze under the couch and into all those places that I used to love crawling through (squeezing through things is a hobby of mine, especially that gap behind my Pops' back when he sits against the wall). My Momma, being the clever human that she is, made sure to get me a large enough crate when she adopted me, so luckily my room is still quite comfortable.

Oh and the stairs! I remember being so afraid of them and totally had to rely on my humans to carry me up and down, even though I hate being carried. Then I learnt how to climb them, and a few weeks after that I could go down them too. These days I'm faster than anyone in the household on those stairs!

Since I just saw Knuckles on the weekend, I thought about our relationship too. We didn't used to get along too well and fought a lot, but now that we're a bit older and more mature (well, at least I am) I don't need to pin that crazy boy down and growl at him as much anymore. He's still nuts though...

Anyway, it's coming up to my favorite time of the day when my humans get home, so I'm going to wag my tail and wait for the sound of them unlocking the door. I love that sound; it gets my heart pumping!

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