Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tooky's new home

Tooky the Turtle!

As it turns out, I'm not the only pet in this household. Long before I was around, my grandparents have been keeping this turtle named Tooky in the backyard. Tooky's pretty old, like much older than me. Let's see now... Seven dogs years to a human year, and Tooky's about ten human years old... that would make him in dog years... about... erm... 500 years old.

My Pops said that when Tooky was my age, he was about the size of my paw, but I think he's lying because Tooky's ridiculously big now. So big that he's outgrown his previous home, and my humans needed to buy him a new place to live. So my Momma and Pops got him a new container to live in, deep enough for him to paddle around and also spacious enough to put in a platform for him to sun-tan.

Unfortunately, the platform was a bit too tall for Tooky to climb on, so Pops and Momma had to go out and raid our neighbors' yard to borrow some large pebbles for Tooky to use as stepping stones. Apparently their daring raid involved driving outside their neighbor's place in the middle of the night with the headlights switched off, and then Momma snatched up a couple of pebbles before they drove off! So exciting! I wish I was along for the ride. I could've helped Momma keep an eye out for patrolling guards and dobermans.

But the raid worked, and now Tooky has his nice new home! It doesn't smell half as nice as my crate though.

Tooky's new home


Oh, this morning my grandma dropped Momma off at the train station, which means I didn't get my morning car ride. I'm gonna whine a little now. Hiew hiew hiew! :(

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