Sunday, September 20, 2009

A lonely morning

This morning, Momma and Pops slept in for ages, and I got really lonely just sitting in my playpen with nobody to play with. I whined and whined and whined, but no matter how much I whined, Momma and Pops didn't want to wake up.

So I managed to worm my way out of the playpen, and found that the bathroom door was left open. So I did something I always wanted to try: peeing at the same place Momma and Pops does. I couldn't reach into the toilet bowl as I wasn't tall enough, so I just peed on the side of it. I couldn't wait for Momma and Pops to see this. I bet they'd be so proud of me!

I waited about four long hours (dog hours anyway, which is about five human minutes), and then I just couldn't wait any longer. So I attempted to wake them up the one way I knew how: using the Summoning Ritual. After more repeated whining, I went over to my Pops' desk, and left a Golden Offering at his chair. A few minutes later, they were still sleeping and ignoring me, so I went over to the corner of their bed and left a Golden Offering there.

Pops eventually woke up to feed me my breakfast (the ritual always works) and that's when he discovered my pee next to the toilet, along with all the other offerings. For some reason, he wasn't as happy as I thought he would be. In fact, he was pretty upset, and I really can't figure out why.

Humans are weird.

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