Sunday, September 13, 2009

Toys from Thailand

It's pretty easy to figure out which
gift in the pile belongs to me.

So my aunt Jol just got back from a trip to Bangkok last week, and although she went there with only one bag of stuff, she came back with twenty or something (the number gets bigger every time my humans talk about it). The bags included some dresses for my Momma, a couple of t-shirts for my Pops, and also two new toys for me!

Honestly, if I wasn't so cute and totally deserved the affection, I'd think I was a pretty spoilt dog. But as it turns out, I'm worth it!

Choices, choices...

Anyway, I got a new comfy cushion and a big plush bone! I've since put the new cushion in my crate, and the bone... well, let's just say that Thai workmanship leaves a lot to be desired. I was ripping stuffing out of the bone a mere two nights later, and Momma had to sew up not one but two big holes in the bone. Pops waggled his finger at me, but honestly, it's a bone! Dogs are supposed to chew on bones!

Well, I'm off to go laze on my new cushion and bury my face into it. Something in my ear is getting quite uncomfortable though. It's really quite irritating.

If you're reading this, thanks Aunt Jol!

Momma didn't want me to eat the stuffing in the bone.

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