Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to school!

Today was a really exciting day because I got to go back to school! I've been sick for the past few weeks so I wasn't able to go to school, but I'm finally well enough and today I went into class... except the only other student-dog I recognized was my brother Knuckles. I recognized Bailey the big Alpha Collie, but he's the teacher's dog. All the other dogs are new, or at least new to me. I was so distracted by the new dogs and smells that I wasn't even interested in the sausage snacks! Which really annoyed Momma a lot, because it meant I wasn't paying attention in class nor trying to learn the new tricks. Even Aunt Jol was having better luck teaching Knuckles, and usually he's the easily-distracted one.

Today, we did some crate training, as we were taught how to be comfortable inside our crates. This wasn't really anything new to me, because I already love my crate. It's my own personal space, and it's a place for me to hide inside. However, some of the other dogs weren't so comfortable with the crates, and went nuts. I hope they get used to their crates soon.

After class, our teacher Lucas showed us some videos of him and Bailey at a competition, catching flying discs and running obstacle courses. Apparently Knuckles and I will learn how to do that stuff in the future, and I'm kinda looking forward to that because it looks pretty fun.

Then it was grooming time. Momma passed me over to Melvin the Groomer, and I did what I always do when I'm on the grooming table - I trembled uncontrollably. Hey, you would tremble too if there was some guy snipping big sharp scissors at your face. He started shaving off my fur, and then stuck these cotton buds into my ear too. It was very, very uncomfortable and scary.

Still, at the end of it I felt lighter and less fuzzy. It's nice not to have your fur in your own eyes all the time, and I think I look even cuter than before, if that's possible. Seriously, I look pretty damned handsome right about now. Humans will be totally helpless against my charms. I mean check me out. I'm a total stud.

On the way home, Momma and I were so exhausted after such a long day that we fell asleep in the car all the way home. It's so comfortable to nap while being snuggled by Momma. I wish I could fall asleep in her arms more often.


  1. Sonic, your crate is too small for you and your ego.

  2. Haha! That's what i tell ANDREW all the time!


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