Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pops hates to be summoned

This morning, Pops took me downstairs for breakfast while Momma slept in. After I finished eating, pops took my dish away and disappeared into the kitchen. I went back upstairs to our bedroom but the door was closed. I did the usual scratching on the door and whining for attention, but I think Momma wasn't able to hear me. I started panicking a bit, because Pops was still nowhere in sight. I really don't like being left alone for too long (and by this time I'd been left alone for over two minutes!) so I decided to do my usual Human Summoning spell by leaving a Golden Offering outside the door.

Of course, the spell worked its magic and within moments my Pops appeared at the stairs. He didn't look too happy to see me upstairs though, and the first thing he did was look around for my Golden Offering. Due to his sleepiness, he found my gift with his foot, and wasn't too happy about it at all. After that he herded me back into the room and made me sit in my playpen.

I'm not sure why my Pops isn't happier and prouder that his Fur Kid can perform dog magic. I think it's pretty cool, to be honest... but I guess he doesn't like the idea of being summoned. It probably makes him feel like less of an Alpha. I guess I'll just have to minimize the use of my summoning spell.


  1. It kind of sounds awesome, how you can summon Drew with pee (though it makes him sound very very sad). XDDD;; Well, at least you're not peeing in my room!

    Are you?

  2. Actually I tried to summon you a few times, so now I'm not allowed in your room.


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