Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cats have awesome toys

I'm a dog. I know this because my humans keep telling me that. I've got four paws, a lot of fur, and a tail, so that pretty much makes me a dog. Yet I like cat toys a lot. I know I'm supposed to dislike cats and stuff, but they get the best toys. My Momma was visiting her uncle once, and they had a cat there named Lancelot. I didn't get along too well with Lot-Lot (he's a bit snobbish, I think), but wow does he have some sweet toys! There was this feather thing on a stick, and it was awesome! I had so much fun with it that Momma got me one of my own!

Then this afternoon, Pops got me a new jingly ball thing! I love jingly ball things! They make so much noise, and you can just chase them and toss them and chase them and chew on them and then toss them some more! Hours of fun for any young puppy! Except when they roll down the stairs or underneath some furniture. That really sucks.

Oh well, I'm off to chase the ball!

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