Monday, November 30, 2009

The Dog Knight destroys the Doberman base

Hey guys!

Wow I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to post for the last few days - we forgot to charge my Momma's Internet Tablet while we were on our adventure and it ran out of batteries.

Anyway, the Beagle from down the road and I waited all weekend to find out more about the Dobermans' secret plans to enslave our humans, and then we finally found out what it was. The Dobermans have found some ancient super-Doberman known as the "Doberman Pharaoh". We're not sure what it was, but it sounds pretty scary! The Doberman Pharaoh was dug up from an ancient burial site, and the Dobermans were using some sort of machine to bring it back to life. We couldn't really see the Doberman Pharaoh because it was still inside a coffin, but the size of the coffin was huge! Like bigger than both the Hill-Bottom Twins combined, and almost the size of Pops' car! So that means the Doberman Pharaoh must be pretty huge too!

So we had to stop them before they unleashed that monster, and the Beagle and I hatched a plan to stop the Doberman Pharaoh from being brought back to life. Since we're dogs (two ears and a nose = dog!) we didn't really have much experiences with machines, but I remember I chewed on my Momma's laptop cable once and that caused her laptop to stop working (and for me to be sent to my room). So we figured that if we could find the power cable for the machine, then I could chew it up and then kill the machine. Good plan, right? But how will we get past all the Dobermans? As brave as we are, we still weren't quite crazy enough to go near the Dobermans. But I knew someone who was just plain insane: my brother Knuckles.

Berserker eyes
Knuckles and his Berserker Eyes

We went to get Knuckles, and then he just charged straight into the Dobermans with his berserker rage. He was just barking and leaping around and biting all the Dobermans, and some of the smaller Dobermans ran away from him - it was pretty awesome.

While Knuckles was distracting the Dobermans, I ran into the Doberman base to find the power cable, while the Beagle stayed at the vantage point and used his keen eyesight to spot Dobermans and direct me away from trouble. I quickly found what I thought was the power cable, and quickly chewed on it. But I think I chewed the wrong cable, because there was some kinda loud alarm and these blinking red lights started flashing everywhere!

We all scattered and quickly ran away from the Doberman base, and got away just as the base exploded behind us! Wow, that was totally awesome! Being the cool Dog Knight that I am, I never once turned back to look at the explosion.


Well, now we're back, and I think the Dobermans' plan to bring their leader back to life is chewed up beyond repair now (just like Momma's slippers), and our humans can once again sleep soundly at night. We still don't know what the Doberman Pharaoh is though, but we're going to find out.

Oh, and we made Knuckles and member of our super-group. His new super-hero name is Weapon K!


  1. Hi, Sonic!
    I can't believe what you did!!!
    And Knuckles sure was a big part of the plan!
    Does the Beagle has too a super-hero name??
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hahahah no. The Beagle from down the road would like to remain "The Beagle" for now. Someday we'll find a superhero name for him. Maybe you guys have suggestions?

  3. Ooh.. Look at its eyes. So scary.. Is it just an effect or it is really of red color?
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