Monday, November 9, 2009

The Treatie Treaty

Recently, my friend in Mexico Lorenza told me that while I get treats whenever I leave a Golden Offering on the Altar of Snack Conjuration, she doesn't. She was wondering if she should have a serious chat with her Momma about that, and I thought maybe it was time that us dogs should get together and form some kinda group or union or something. Since we all communicate through our blogs and the Internet, we can form some support group and take charge of our relationships with our humans.

I mean, in this case, we can declare to all our humans that we should always get treated whenever we leave a Golden Offering in the right spot! Otherwise, we can always go on strike, and be completely unfriendly and anything BUT a human's best friend. In other words, we will act like cats unless we get our snacks. We can call this agreement the "Treatie Treaty". Humans do this stuff all the time, and they love it, so why can't we?

I brought this up to the Beagle from down the road, but he thought it was a bad idea. Some dogs tried to form a union once, for the better of all dogkind... but the original idea was corrupted over time and now they've become an evil cult hell-bent on indogtrinating humankind and taking over the world. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yes, those dogs were Dobermans!!!

I don't want to end up becoming a Doberman and eating my Momma and Pops or something... so I guess I'll just forget this idea.

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