Monday, November 30, 2009

Someone recognized me!

Yesterday at doggy obedience class (where I was very well-behaved and attentive - Momma was so pleased!) my Pops was watching from the non-teaching humans' corner. There, he was with another dog's Pops, and apparently this other human recognized me from my blog! Apparently, they both hang out on the Singapore Xbox forums, and he saw the pictures of me that my Pops put up.

I'm so happy! This makes up for that nasty man in that black car that refused to look at me, no matter how cute I looked poking out of the car window. My Pops told me that people who don't like dogs are generally not very nice people. In fact, they probably used to torture dogs while they were kids, cheat on their wives or listen to Linkin Park CDs. That guy in the car was probably a wife and puppy beater. He had that kinda smell.


Oh, and today I saw Wheezy Tess walking with the Hill-Bottom Twins. I guess big dogs like to stick together. 


  1. So I am also one who is interested in buying cute little puppy.. Give me prize and make it reasonable for me..
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  2. Yes, your Pops is right!
    Kisses and hugs


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