Saturday, November 21, 2009

Humans are confusing

I don't really understand humans... a few days ago, I left a Golden Offering on Aunt Mainey's luggage, and everyone got really upset. But why? I mean, that's what dogs do, right? We pee on things. But in the spirit of understanding and harmony, I tried something different.

So today, I tried to be more like a human, and I left a Golden Offering in the toilet, right there on the white seat that Momma and Pops always pees into. I mean, I haven't grown as tall as my humans yet, so I can't reach the top like they can... but I did the next best thing and peed on it.

And they STILL get mad at me. ARGH!!! I don't know if I'll ever understand them.

Hiew hiew hiew!


  1. Hi, Sonic!
    Sorry they don't appreciate your "golden offerings"!
    I don't understand them either! You went to the right place to do your business!
    Kisses and hugs


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