Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scaredy Cat

The other day, Momma was on her way out to meet her friends so I walked her to the gate. And you know what I smelled? That Evil Cat hiding under my Pops' car, probably trying to do something bad again. The last time we crossed paths, the Evil Cat wasn't all that scared of me. But things have changed, and I am now the Dog Knight!

The Evil Cat again!

Immediately, I lept into action and started barking at it, with my feral superdog voice. The Evil Cat whined and gave some lame excuse that it was only napping and wasn't plotting anything evil... but you can't believe anything a cat says. All cats are liars. Any cat who says otherwise is also lying. Unless it says it's a liar, in which case it's telling the truth... but only 90% of the truth because it's in its nature to lie.

I turned up my barking strength, and chased the cat all the way to the garden before pouncing on it. With nowhere to run, the Evil Cat surrendered and begged for its life. I told him to reveal what the Dobermans are planning. He played innocent at first, and pretended not to know anything, so I barked some more and he caved in under my questioning.

Apparently, the Dobermans have been digging around the world, trying to find an ancient secret weapon. And apparently, they've narrowed down the search to my city! They're only weeks away from uncovering the secret weapon, and when they do, they will use it against every living creature in the world, and either destroy the world or just conquer it.

At that point, my Pops heard the commotion and came running after. In the distraction, the Evil Cat retreated deep into the garden where I couldn't reach him and hissed at me. What a scaredy cat! I got so angry that I used a bad word that the Beagle from down the road taught me once.

Cornering the Cat

The cat got really mad that I called it a "pussy", so I was really happy about that! But then my Pops got mad that I used a bad word, so he took me inside and scolded me. I sulked after that... hiew hiew hiew!


  1. Hi, Sonic!
    I guess I need to learn from you. I have never barked to a cat in my life!
    Some times bad words are needed!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. You are a very brave knight, Sonic! I must learn from you!


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